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Letter to the Editor - Sponsoring the Abandoned

What a wonderful evening of music Watoto brought to Hope Church, in Prince Albert, on June 20th. It was wonderful to see the sanctuary filled with people and everyone enjoying an evening of worship and prayer.

The goal for this evening, from a Reach Team perspective, was to encourage people to sponsor babies, children and even mothers (caregivers), who have been abandoned/orphaned in Uganda.

Sponsorship costs less than the price of a cup of coffee at $1.36 per day ($41/month and tax deductible). A Tim’s medium coffee now costs $ $1.80 + tax).

You can easily sponsor a child and give them hope for a future showing Hope Church does live up to our Mission & Vision ‘to know and show the love of Jesus’.

Here is more information on the sponsorship program, wherever your heart leads your generosity:

Watoto child:



Neighbourhood Mother:

It truly takes a village to raise these children and they are a blessing to our world.

Pastor John & Joanne, let me echo Solomon’s words, and say a heartfelt thank you. Without your leadership and taking care of all the logistics for Watoto’s lodgings, food and all the other arrangements for 12 children & 9 adults this event could not have taken place. Even though we all lead busy lives Hope’s mission ‘to know and show the love of Jesus’ shines through you. So, a big THANK YOU!

The Watoto Choir left with a heart felt thank you to the Hope Volunteers.

Hope Church, Prince Albert

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