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Let's talk about Parkinson's

Mom and I have the pleasure of speaking to the Uxbridge Parkinson Group, on Thursday, May 4th, in Uxbridge, at 1 p.m. You're more than welcome to come and learn more about what we do.

I'd like to start an exercise program, at our gym, specifically for those with Parkinson's disease. We understand the benefit of exercise on our physical and mental health. People need a positive outlet and to connect with others as well.

Our experience shows, strength training is a definite must. Part of this disease is muscular degeneration. We need to stimulate the muscle in order for it to grow. In doing so, this also releases "happy hormones" in the brain.

Learning new patterns of movement has also been shown to develop neural pathways in the brain. Exercise is not a cure, but studies have shown it can slow degeneration in the memory-centre of the brain.

Staying active is possible. We just need to do it right. A gym is a safe environment, especially with qualified direction. Safety is first, in creating a program for Parkinson's patients. We will give guided instruction and be there every step of the way. Understanding your individual needs is our priority.

Here's what we need to assess: Fitness level, Medical history, Functionality, Mobility and Stability.

It's important to understand you're not alone and there is something you can do to help yourself.

If you suffer from Parkinson's or know someone who does and would like more information, please come to our talk, on May 4th, in Uxbridge. We'll meet at 22 James Hill Court, on the main floor, in their recreation room. Feel free to contact us for more.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Food Basics Plaza, beside Coldwell Banker. Call 289-356-2140 for more info.

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