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Lakeridge Health considering Port Perry as a possible future location for a long-term care home

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Lakeridge Health is looking into the possibility of creating a long-term care facility in Scugog Township.

This piece of information was presented during an update, from Cynthia Davis of Lakeridge Health, to Scugog Councillors, on Monday, June 26th.

“We are really looking to our future, and we believe Lakeridge Health has the opportunity to look at long-term care homes, associated with all of our primary health [locations], and that would also include Port Perry, which we are exploring,” she told those in attendance at the meeting.

Lakeridge Health recently celebrated the first anniversary of its long-term care home in Ajax, known as Lakeridge Gardens.

Ward 1 Councillor, David LeRoy asked if the potential long-term care home project would be done at the same time as a redevelopment of the Port Perry hospital.

“We’re actually hoping to advance our plans for long-term care sooner. The sequencing of events for Port Perry puts that out several years, I would say. It would be further down the queue. So, when we talk about a potential new hospital, if we were to get approved for a hospital today, we’re about ten years away from opening that building. So, it would be in a 20-year span we would be thinking of a redevelopment in Port Perry,” Ms. Davis responded.

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