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Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority helps local father-daughter duo plant 3,400 trees


BROCK: A Brock Township father-daughter duo has planted about 3,400 trees on their Sunderland property. And they've since won the "Healthy Land" award.

With the help of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), Melinda and Bob Diebel could plant over three-thousand trees on their property in one day.

"Trees are a giver," explained Mr. Diebel. "They give us oxygen... so they are doing us a tremendous favour. Things [which] give and don't take are precious."

According to Melinda Diebel, four species of trees were planted: white pine, white cedar, white spruce and red oak.

Father and daughter reached out to the LSRCA because they have a tree-planting program for people living within the Lake Simcoe region.

Ms. Diebel said, the LSRCA helped them find grants which could assist with the cost of the trees and planting. In addition, the LSRCA hired contractors to come in to help.

"Essentially, our duty was to prepare the land before they came," said Melinda.

Although there were some issues with the LSRCA contractor's machinery, and the Diebels had to hire their own contractors to finish the project, it was not a big issue. The equipment was new, so Ms. Diebel assumed this was not a common issue with their program.

She made a point to encourage anyone who can, to contact the LSRCA about their tree planting program. The program allows landowners to help local wildlife and learn a thing or two.

The Diebels have a few trees at the back of their property, but adding more has created a more expansive habitat for local wildlife.

According to Bob, he and his daughter have a few animals which frequent their property. Such as; squirrels, rabbits and other small woodland creatures. The family also enjoys seeing many birds in their yard, sometimes, they see slightly larger animals like coyotes and foxes.

"In theory," said Ms. Diebel, "these new trees should provide their local wildlife with some food and shelter." Adding, "[The program] is definitely worth looking into."

The LSRCA will survey the land and tell the homeowners what trees will live healthy lives on their property. They will also help homeowners decide the best place and how many trees to plant along their property.

"This is [the] expertise we just didn't have," shared Melinda. "There's zero chance we could have planted thirty-four hundred trees in a day."

The LSRCA provided the Diebels with plenty of support before, during and after the project.

To learn more about the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and its programs, please visit

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