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Kawartha Lakes fire services ends burn ban

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DAN CEARNS, Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: The City of Kawartha Lakes, as of Friday, May 8th, have lifted their municipal burn ban. “Please be responsible if you’re going to have a fire this weekend and remember that items such as grass clippings, leafs and garbage are not allowed to be burned. These should be disposed of properly at our landfills sites, which will begin to open to the public starting next week,’ Mayor Andy Letham said, in a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, May 6th. The municipal burn ban had been put in place by the city on Wednesday, April 1st. However, despite the lifting of the municipal ban, some Kawartha Lakes residents will still not be able to have fires, due to being inside a provincial Restricted Fire Zone. “Portions of Kawartha Lakes are within the Restricted Fire Zone: former Carden, Dalton, Laxton Digby Longford, Somerville and Bexley Townships. Residents who live in an area within the Restricted Fire Zone cannot have an outdoor fire of any kind, including agricultural, even with a permit previously issued by the City of Kawartha Lakes,” explained a press release from the City of Kawartha Lakes. More information on where these Restricted Fire Zones are can be found online, at


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