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Kawartha Lakes council updated on work to bring more transit to the area

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: The City of Kawartha Lakes’ Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) recently provided councillors with an update on what the municipality is doing to help improve transit options.

“We are very active on all fronts, not just political advocacy but even with the planning that was stated early on. That Greater Golden Horseshoe look, there’s a transportation plan. It’s actually been work ongoing for over 20 years. But it’s sort of culminating now to our area, where we’re starting to see connection now into the Greater Toronto Area,” the CAO explained, at a June 25th meeting.

He noted City staff are involved in “various working groups” and City representatives are expecting to speak to the Ministry of Transportation at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference.

“We’re optimistic we’ll have an announcement this year,” Mr. Taylor said.

Kawartha Lakes Mayor Doug Elmslie stated he’s been having monthly conversations with MPP Laurie Scott.

“We hear good noises and we’re just waiting for that to translate into something.”

Earlier in June, Marilas McInnis, representing local members of the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO), made a deputation to councillors about the need to bring provincial transit to Lindsay.

She stressed, “healthy aging City of Kawartha Lakes seniors and retirees need Go Transit.”

“Healthy aging implies active, connected lifestyles with opportunities for many and varied social interactions. And that means accessible transportation networks where ageism and marginalization have no place,” Ms. McInnis stated.

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Jul 13

Yes we need GO Transit. AND we need Hwy 35 expanded to 4 lanes through to 115 from Lindsay. Please.

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