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Kawartha Lakes council receives options for ATV pilot project

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: At a meeting, on Tuesday, March 5th, with the Kawartha Lakes All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) on roadways pilot project having concluded, Councillors saw options on how they can handle the issue going forward.

The project saw approved routes for ATVs to travel, along set roads in Pontypool, Lindsay, Omemee, Cameron, and Janetville.

A report from, Director of Public Works, Bryan Robinson stated, complaints logged regarding the project included: travelling in the ditch area, travelling in the wrong direction towards traffic, ATVs without plates, speeding, people riding without a helmet and people without insurance.

The report gave councillors two options for the project: terminate the project or make the pilot project permanent.

Ward 5 Councillor, Eric Smeaton pointed out, when the project began, there was no safety review done. He also asked for the director to provide his concerns with the project.

“When we were within the program and the review for that task force, there [were] a lot of discussions about opening up all roads, certain defined roads, [and] roads through Lindsay only. My concern is, the City of Kawartha Lakes has a lot of road networks [which] are narrow, hilly, and are not conducive [to having two sets of competing on road traffic,]” Mr. Robinson said.

However, he noted, conversations with engineering staff alleviated his concerns on these issues.

Councillor Smeaton then asked if the enforcement portion of the project is working well.

“We’ve engaged with numerous resources to try to get a really concrete answer to that question. I only know what I know. So, if I’m not receiving complaints, then it is a hard stat for me to gather. Likewise with the police services. They are responding to incidences reported to them,” Aaron Sloan, Manager of Municipal Bylaw enforcement responded. “We like to think the issues are very minor in nature.”

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