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Kawartha Lakes considering banning heavy trucks on a new selection of roadways

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: The City of Kawartha Lakes is going to consider barring heavy trucks from certain roads in the municipality.

At a recent meeting, Ward 5 Councillor Eric Smeaton introduced a memorandum to request city staff to bring back a report on prohibiting heavy truck traffic on the following road sections: Regent Street, Elgin Street and Pottinger Street; from William Street to Victoria Avenue, and William Street North; from Colborne Street to Orchard Park Road.

“Heavy trucks from development sites are using non-artery, and non-collector roads to get to and from landfill destinations and construction sites. These heavy trucks are dangerous to constituents, adding to congestion, and using surfaces not intended for such use; specifically, they are overweight for roads not built to withstand regular heavy loads,” the memorandum stated.

Ward 8 Councillor Tracy Richardson questioned if truck companies are being notified they are on roads they shouldn’t be on.

“If there are trucks on any municipal road where they are prohibited, and if there's concerns with that we generally work with the local policing authority, whether it’s [Kawartha Lakes Police Service] or OPP to provide enforcement. We can work with the bylaw group to also provide communication to those groups,” Public Works Director Bryan Robinson explained.

This bylaw change will be brought to a council meeting on Tuesday, June 25th for ratification.

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