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Join the Poetry Aloud at the Uxbridge Library

UXBRIDGE: On Tuesday, Feb. 13th, local poet, Bruce Brandon, will be hosting a poetry aloud. This group is held every Tuesday. The reading starts at 1:30 pm and ends around 2:30 pm.

The Poetry Aloud is a monthly group at the library. The group meets every second Tuesday of each month. Although the group varies in numbers, assistant librarian, Maureen O’Shea Brown said there are usually about eight to 12 people who attend.

“I think that’s a pretty good showing for a poetry group,” said Ms. O’Shea Brown.

The read aloud is free to attend, and you do not have to read a poem. However, if you would like read, you can bring a poem you have written yourself, or you can bring a poem that has been written by somebody else.

“I have always enjoyed poetry,” said Mr. Brandon.

In 2018, a space for the Poetry Aloud was created at the Uxbridge Public Library. This space was provided by staff members at the library so people could share their mutual interest and love for poetry.

Then the library published an “invitation”, explaining what would take place during the Poetry Aloud.

“Emphasis was placed on reading poetry aloud, not on analysis or interpretation,” explained Mr. Brandon.

At the first meeting there were about six people who read poems. After that first meeting, the group has been meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.

“Listening, and being listened to, are as gratifying as the reading itself. In a world so full of the ugly and angry voices that dominate airwaves and social media, an hour or two spent just listening to poetry can be very refreshing,” said Mr. Brandon.

There is also a theme for each month. The theme for February is Valen-time. Please bring a poem about love or time. During the group’s last meeting, in January of this year, the last theme was called “Time.” So the poems they read focused on that aspect. Some poems read during that meeting included Marie (May) Sarton’s Now I Become Myself, Alarie Tennille’s Dali’s Clock, Sarah Brown Weitzman’s Looking Back and many more. Some attendees also chose to read poems they have written themselves.

“On any given theme the variety is surprisingly eclectic and enjoyable,” said Mr. Brandon.

The meetings take place downstairs in the Uxbridge Public Library, starting at 1:30 pm. New participants are always welcome. If you are interested in starting a reading group of your own, Mr. Brandon has some advise to give. He suggested reading Molly Peacock’s How to Read a Poem and Start a Poem Circle. It was published by Riverhead Trade in 2000.

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