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Join the Photo Essay contest at Scugog Library


SCUGOG: Attention all teens: get your cameras ready and start snapping! The Scugog Memorial Public Library is hosting a photo essay contest.

“Digital photography plays a big role in the daily lives of teenagers; a contest where teens could use their photography skills to express why the library matters to them felt like an appropriate challenge,” said Kyle Brough, library technician for the Scugog Library.

“The photos should be compelling, creative and artistic, and they should tell us without using words why Scugog Public Library is important to you or the community,” explained Mr. Brough.

The contest is open to teens from ages 13 to 19, who have a library card for the Scugog Memorial Public Library. Participants must enter five to ten photos and can use any type of camera or editing software they choose.

For example, participants can submit a photo of the building itself. In this instance, the library’s design may be one of the reasons the teen loves the library. The participant could showcase photos of the library from multiple angles. They should include a brief paragraph about their photo essay explaining what inspired their photo ideas and provide any other relevant information which may help describe it.

“This contest is an opportunity for teenagers to express their creativity and artistic skills through photography, and also to evoke civic pride in their community,” he said. “Teenagers need ways to voice their opinions and to have those opinions heard; this contest can be a way for teenagers to have their voices amplified.”

“The library is a free space to study, learn, gather and be entertained,” said Mr. Brough.

The library provides the community, especially students, with support like access to free internet, books, movies and more resources.

The Scugog Library is also designed as a “green building”, meaning it promotes environmental awareness and is supposed to leave a low carbon footprint.

At the library, there are a group of teens called the Teen Advisory Group (TAG). The members of TAG are responsible for creating and organizing contests and events for other local teens.

Members of TAG also earn community service hours for participating in the advisory group.

Library staff are giving away one grand prize for this contest.

The prize consists of an assorted gift basket filled with gummy candy, including Sour Patch Kids and Fuzzy Peaches. The prize pack will also include a $25 Indigo gift card.

According to Mr. Brough, the gift basket is valued at about $45.

Photos must be submitted by August 28th by 6 p.m.

For more information about the library’s photo essay contest, please visit

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