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How I remain strong throughout these times

.” RestingSo much of our lives are out of our control right now. The economy, careers, even our summer vacations are on hold! We are going through a time when our perceptions and needs differ from one another! Each of us will emerge, from this storm, in our own way. Whether you are in self-isolation, quarantine, working from home, or on the front lines, some will have deeper scars not only on their skin and hearts but on their souls as well! For those of us on the frontlines, the days are a constant rush. There is always work to be done, whether caring for loved ones, patients, residents, helping a friend, neighbour or co-worker. We have no downtime, no release. Families are struggling financially, and many essential workers are working double shifts, and this adds to their frustration and fatigue. For health care workers wearing isolation gear, the donning and doffing of gear can be exhausting. Along with this are the feelings of helplessness against this unknown enemy. We don’t even know how long this enemy will be around. However, Christians are called to make the most of every opportunity. We can navigate this time with a spirit of calm, hope and faithfulness. Many health care workers and essential workers feel anxious and overwhelmed. We are also sleep deprived and discouraged, having little or no quality time with our loved ones. It’s important to talk about our fears and worries because our families and friends, who aren’t in the medical fields, don’t understand the severity of this situation. However, we don’t want to instill fear in their hearts, as we leave for work every day. Everyone can get scared. Fear is an unavoidable facet of the human experience. Panic and fear are not from God. God’s spirit is one of inspiration and tranquility. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we have the power to choose our response. My mind races to stories my Mother had taught me growing up. That God has provided for us in every situation of this fallen world. I’ve learned never to take things for granted. Cherish and appreciate all you have and all you can still do, even with limitations. We are in this together. Do what you can to help others, especially the elderly, disabled, poor and isolated. God is the same faithful God before this outbreak, during this outbreak, and after this outbreak. Our faith can be steady because our God is faithfully unchanging. Regarding the manner in which the enemy attacks, I believe those who have science only have half the story or equation Christ said in, John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” Resting in Christ during these times can lift the most discouraged spirits.

How I remain strong throughout these times

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