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How did life get so frustrating

by Tina Y. Gerber - McCurley

I must admit, it's a struggle for me when dealing with technology, for a variety of reasons. I recently deleted my Hotmail account, resulting from a struggled I had to identify myself as the owner of this page. With trouble seeing and my slow typing, the attempt to fill out the questionnaire took forever, consequently, they closed the page. I ended up crying and annoying my daughter, Emily, as she is my go-to person. It can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating when you're a senior! The result was to write my articles for May the old-fashioned way.

The difficulties can seem enormous and impossible to overcome but the fact is, learning how to handle technology will outweigh the effort to learn. Many seniors have physical limitations, they can deal with fear of the unknown, computer anxiety, and even memory loss which can all prevent seniors from accessing the potential benefits for their health, safety, and social connections.

Most seniors, like me, aren't comfortable with the unknown, and as technology advances it can feel increasingly awkward. Often, experts advise, as we become more familiar it will be less intimidating? I am not sure about that, yet I try to keep an open mind. I have never put my personal information out on the internet, as experts say, seniors should address learning 'best practices' for internet safety. We need to know how to use online tools properly.

As seniors, it needs to be recognized, some areas of the brain begin to shrink with age, to varying degrees, and communication between neurons slow down, it's a natural process. This often poses a challenge to seek and learn new technology as often, our brains will characterize things negatively. However, re-framing new skills is a positive response.

There is a widespread assumption, seniors are technologically illiterate (I am) but that's not always the case. The motivation to learn is important, especially when family, friends, and grandchildren live far away. Certainly, technology can significantly enhance the lives of seniors, enabling us to stay connected, maintain our independence and access essential services. Tablets, smart phones, e-readers, and video calls allow everyone to stay connected, reducing the feelings of isolation. As seniors, we need to explore innovative solutions which will empower us to thrive, and transform our everyday lives.

We are able to use technology for the Glory of God and the betterment of society, or use it for self-destructive purposes. Remember, technology is a tool and how we use it determines its impact on our lives.

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