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Highlights of the 2024 DRPS Strategic Plan


NORTH DURHAM: On Monday, July 10th, Garry Cubitt delivered a presentation to the Uxbridge council. The presentation discussed the proposed Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS) 2024 Plan.

Mr. Cubitt, vice-chair of the board, has been a member of the Durham Regional Police Services Board and the DRPS representative for the Ontario Association of Police Services Board for nearly four years.

So, what does the DRPS have in store for Durham Region residents in 2024?

The presentation included updates to the previous strategic plan the DRPS already had set in place.

According to Mr. Cubitt, most of the DRPS’ Strategic Plan is not “inconsistent.” So, he said, there may not be many dramatic changes made, going into 2024.

“The emphasis we are hearing from the community certainly centers around the building of trusts and partnerships,” explained Mr. Cubitt.

Currently, the DRPS is asked to respond to many things, like mental health calls.

The Durham Regional Police officers and leadership understand the DRPS are “not always the best” response to these types of situations, Mr. Cubitt explained.

Mental health workers and mental health support agencies may be better options for people dealing with mental health issues. These support systems can provide people with the proper support they need.

“One of the biggest changes we are hearing [from the public] is to make sure the community resources are adequately equipped, to partner and work with the Durham Regional Police, to respond to mental health calls,” he said.

However, the DRPS is concerned about these calls and is working to strengthen its relationships with local mental health organizations, to provide the community with better support.

Community service providers have also expressed they want to create stronger relationships with the DRPS.

Other improvements listed, within the Strategic Plan, include increasing police presence within communities, whether they are on-foot, on a bicycle or a vehicle.

Apart of the DRPS 2024 Strategic Plan is to modernize the way they do policing. Mr. Cubitt said, this means the DRPS needs to make sure they have the equipment to deal with complex issues, like cyber-related crimes, as in like the exploitation of young people.

“The world we live in is so rapidly changing,” said Mr. Cubitt. So, the DRPS has to constantly adapt and make sure they are able to provide the community with the services it needs.

The 2024 strategic plan will be an interactive online resource. The plan will also include; a land acknowledgement, a video welcome message, and an overview of the development of the strategic plan.

However, the strategic plan has yet to be completed and will be undergoing final touches throughout the rest of 2023.

To learn more about the 2024 DRPS Strategic Plan, please visit the DRPS website, at

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