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Financial pressures having an impact on Operation Scugog food bank

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: The current financial market is having a negative impact on Operation Scugog food bank.

While food banks usually see fewer donations during the summer season, Karen Teed from Operation Scugog told The Standard, this has been a unique summer for the local charity.

“The shelves at the food bank are low at this time of year. More so this year than in past years, given the cost of food and less donations in the bins at the grocery stores.”

However, she lauded Scugog Township as a “giving community.”

“We have seen an increase in clients using the foodbank, with an average of one new client per week. We are seeing more seniors and working people in need,” Ms. Teed explained. She also noted, the food bank is concerned about the current financial market across Ontario and Canada.

“It’s very concerning with the cost of food these days. It adds so much stress to everyday life. I’m very concerned about our client’s well-being. Something has to change.”

Ms. Teed stated, the food bank is in need of apple juice, kids’ snacks, juice boxes, pancake mix, syrup, jam, peanut butter, canned goods, cookies, crackers, cereal, dry pasta, Cheese Whiz, honey, laundry soap, tampons and shampoo.

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