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Exploring the value of photography


KAWARTHA LAKES: “Your family photos do not deserve to be stored in a box never to be looked at until something happens,” said local photographer Robert Waskul.

Mr. Waskul is a local photographer from the City of Kawartha Lakes. He has over 30 years of photography experience and has expanded his skills, providing multiple photographic services for his clients.

One of the main services he offers is photo restoration.

After Mr. Waskul’s mother passed away, he realized old photographs had a sentimental value. He decided to enlarge a few of the photos he had, mostly to fill up space on the empty walls of his home.

“That’s how this [business] started,” he said. He realized the photos he had held sentimental value for him, so he realized others would feel the same way about their own personal photos.

He deemed these photos worthy of undergoing the restoration process, which includes scanning the photo, restoring the image quality and enlarging it so it can be displayed.

Mr. Waskul is always looking for ways to challenge himself. “The harder the job throws at you, the more I enjoy it,” he said.

Clients do not always realize how much a photo can be restored.

Many clients have an emotional attachment to the photos they bring for restoration. Mr. Waskul’s goal is to restore the image quality to the best of his ability.

To learn more about Fix My Photo, please visit Robert’s website at

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