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Epsom & Utica news

by Faye Ashton

It rained here and it rained there this week but not at the same time it seemed. We got a downpour on Wednesday late afternoon at the farm here but luckily the hay field needing to be baled at Goodwood just got a sprinkle. In the right place this time

“.Loka Holstein”, owners Dan and Perri Werry, Little Britain Rd. hosted the Ontario County Holstein Club Twilight Evening on Friday. Many farmers and farm friends attended this to view this quite new robot facility and mingle with friends possibly not seen since last year. Mary’s’ Country Kitchen prepared a scrumptious meal with Kawartha Dairy providing delicious ice cream for all. Thanks Dan and Perri for opening your farm

wishing all the birthday and anniversary July celebrants a beautiful occasion with loved ones and friends. Don’t miss celebrating, each year is a memory

Would you like to play a game of euchre or a board game? On Thursday July 17 ,1pm come to the Epsom Church and join in with friends for an afternoon of fun

Rev Bill Fritz , John Wilson with the Handi-capables will provide the Sunday evening service at Glen Major church this Sunday July 14, 7pm….No service at Epsom for the month of July

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