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By Faye Ashton

It rained again I thought I heard you say. Thinking of past years we gripe because of one condition and immediately end up wishing we had some of that rain to gripe about later in the year. I do know it is almost impossible for some farmers to even think about land work but often a late Spring will give us an open fall so the crops can still be harvested. A Farmers Dilemma.

Saw my first Oriole this morning, more than a week earlier than last year.

I hope you got a chance to visit the 17 greenhouses at Otters 25th open house celebration on Saturday. It was spectacular. The thousands of blooming hanging baskets destined to beautify towns all around Ontario, waiting to be put in place were still there for us to drole over. The front six greenhouses, house all the smaller plants home gardeners choose as well as a selection of hanging baskets too.

The shed at Ashton’s hosted a special combined birthday celebration for four year old Feliks and soon to be two year old Stella. The Great grandparents ordered perfect weather and dreams do come true.

The Epsom girls renewed our friendship again as we lunched together at One Eyed Jack’s, in Uxbridge, on Friday. Epsom Public School was home to 80 percent of us back in the 50’s and it is so special to catch up with each other twice a year.

Don’t forget to support the Port Perry High School band and vocal concert on Wednesday. I can guarantee a beautiful evening of young talent is in store for you.

Check your calendar for the May 22nd Prayer breakfast, at Mill Run Golf Course, at 7 a.m.

A “Spring Fling Brunch” is being held in the lower room at Epsom United Church, on Saturday June 1st, at 10 a.m. June 1st is known as the beginning of astrological Summer now. This is your invite to join with neighbours for a time of visitation and food. Price is a “Good Will Offering”.

A Spring Church service is planned at the Pine Grove Church, at 3 p.m., on Sunday May 26th. The little church is located on the 7th concession in Uxbridge.

Join with the congregation of Epsom United Church each Sunday, at 10:30 a.m., with Rev. Edith Ann presiding, fellowship to follow.

Mark your calendar! Kendall and Hillman Cemetery Decoration is on Sunday, June 9th, 2024. Enjoy a stroll through our cemeteries and celebrate the lives of friends and family that have passed with the thoughtful decoration of their resting place. Decoration Day is an annual event on the second Sunday in June. As this is an even numbered year, we are pleased to invite you to our biennial Decoration Service, a special time of community, music and reflection. Special thanks to the families that generously covered the costs of our Kendall Gate Caps and Decoration Banners projects in 2023. We also thank the Wilbur boys for their ongoing care of our cemeteries.

The volunteer Cemetery Board is mandated with the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery properties for all to enjoy. We do not receive government funding and minimize expenses so that donations received are directed to the cost of maintaining our cemeteries now and in the future. Please consider donating today.

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