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Epsom & Utica news

by Faye Ashton

I hope everyone had a pleasant and productive past week and wish you only the best as we journey into the later part of October.

The Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB) Project planted in this area, harvested 52 acres of soybean's, totalling 65 tons which garnered $39,000 dollars. Additionally, along with our growing partners Cambridge United Church, Lindsay, we will be sending $34,000 to CFGB to help fight hunger. Thanks to Pioneer Hybrid, Jim Roefs and Bauer Crop science for the seed donation. Also a big thank you to the Parish, Kerry, Evans and Ashton Family for their dedication to growing and harvesting this crop and to the community for all your financial help in achieving this goal, to feed the hungry.

Saturday evening the parent Canadian Food Grain Bank executive hosted a 40th anniversary appreciation dinner at Pheasant Run Golf Course, in Newmarket. The project, which began here 40 years ago, was led by Floyd Evans, Orval Brether and Don Asling, along with many other helping hands as they actually bagged multiple bags of corn and sent it oversees. Now everything is purchased in countries around where it is needed, to cut costs. Leaskdale, Cambridge United Lindsay, Reeser Markham, and here, Epsom-Utica and area attended with a large crowd taking part in this celebration.

Our sincere sympathy to John and Joann Hanson on the passing of John’s sister Judy, from Kingston, Ontario. Our special thoughts are with you.

On October 10th, Darlene Christie accompanied Shirley Baxter, Paul, Julia, Serena Fraser and friend Elizabeth to a celebration dinner in Guelph, to laud Anika Fraser, who had graduated and just received her Master of Science degree from Guelph University. Last year she had achieved her bachelor of science degree as well. Congrats Anika, well done.

You are-welcome to church at Epsom United each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. with Rev. EdithAnn conducting the service. Fellowship to follow.

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