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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

We want to extend a special “Thank You” to Alex Jebson, who has been the student Minister at Epsom for the past year. His virtual messages, since Covid-19, have been messages of hope and encouragement and we want to offer our blessings to him as he looks forward to his next congregation. July has followed the heat and dry conditions of June, which has some of us looking at dried up crops again. The full moon, buck moon, of July 5th was spectacular. The evenings following such hot days have been quite pleasant but I might change my mind after this week’s, several days of 33 degree heat. Friday was a special birthday for a former Epsom girl, Pat Bailey. She woke up on Friday and noticed her lawn was adorned with 75 fabulous pink flamingos and a sign asking all driving by to “Honk” and wish her Happy Birthday. Pat worked at the TD Bank in Uxbridge for many years and has volunteered for several organizations in the area, making her well known in the area. Trudy Brawn Empringham another former Epsom girl celebrates a birthday on Wednesday. Both Dorothy Munro, who has lived on the 8th Concession for 70 some years, and Hayden Kerry, our beautiful vocalist, celebrate their birthdays on the 15th. Birthday Congratulations to each of these ladies and to all who have a July Birthday. May each day be the best one ever. We wish Nancy Skelding much happiness and comfort at her new home, Roseglen Village Retirement Home in Port Hope. It was good to know her daughter Jackie works there. We will miss Nancy, who farmed on the 4th Concession, with her late husband Jack and daughters Jackie and Karen for numerous years. Many of the neighbours will miss the Christmas gatherings at the Skelding home. Physical distancing and wearing a mask is still critical for each one of us to obey. Stay safe. Send news items to phone 905-852-5389.

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