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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

It saddened us to hear of the passing of Pat Kingstone on Saturday August 1st, who has lived at Westshore Village recently. Pat celebrated her 92nd birthday this past March. Pat and husband John came to Canada from England in the fifties and settled in Greenwood, on a farm before moving to Manchester in later years. When Manchester Church closed, Pat chose Epsom-Utica Church to share her talent and friendship. We have enjoyed the many years we have spent together. We will miss you, Pat. It’s so hard to hear of a young persons passing and such was the case when word came of Shannon Tindall. Shannon arrived many times each year in farm laneways, picking up or delivering cattle or any type of livestock. Shannon has trucked for many years even though he is just 46. Shannon’s late mother Karen Geer resided on Medd Road before her marriage to Mel Tindall. Our heartfelt sympathy to his father, Mel and Shannons Family. We are grieving with you. This is a hard time to pay tribute to a passing or a celebration but we tried as Pat Asling shared her 80th birthday among 9 members of her socially distancing family, at her sister Faye and Keith’s home on Saturday, July 25th and with the Epsom girls at her home in Sandford, on the afternoon of Sunday, July 26th, her birth date. A drive by was organized for Sunday evening, to ‘Toot your horn’ and wish her happy birthday. That’s as good as we could get in the Covid 19 climate. A special thanks to Doug Farris, Greenbank-Seagrave Minister Stephanie and this Sunday to Alex Jebson for providing messages for the Epsom-Utica United Church congregation. Each one was appreciated as I know it is the holiday season for all. Well, we finally got some rain on Medd Road. For the months of June and July we had a total of 30 mm and checking the water gauge today, Sunday, we got a total of 36 mm during the night. I’m sure other areas have received more, but we’re thankful for these blessings. I’ve heard it’s the worst drought in 75 years on the 7th concession, according to Keith.

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