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Easy ways to stay active

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I was completing my work out today and thinking of some creative ways to stay active. You don’t really need a lot of fancy equipment to get a good work out. It’s a really a matter of using your imagination. So here are a few ways ideas to help keep busy: 1. Go For a Ride: I dug out my old bike, cleaned it up and gave it a dose of WD-40. I hadn’t ridden my bike in years! I am not ashamed to admit it was tough. There’s no doubt it’s just what I needed to change my routine. 2. Yard Work: I can’t think of better exercise for your entire body. Between raking, moving stone, cleaning up branches and digging out weeds, it’s a lot of work! Moving wheelbarrows full of dirt or stone is a big job. It takes strength and endurance to get the job done. 3. Backyard Obstacle Course: For those of you with kids, you may wonder how to keep them occupied outside. All you need is a few basic materials from your garage. The ideas your kids come up with would surprise you. 4. Go for a Walk: I’ve had the great opportunity to explore my local community by taking the time to explore. You never know what you’ll find. 5. Play Street Hockey: I can’t think of time better spent than in your own driveway. I used to be the goaltender as my brothers shot tennis balls at me. Break out the hockey net and watch the hours fly by. These ideas come from when I was a kid! The good thing about it is that kids and adults alike can participate. Make some time every day to keep your body moving. Keep it simple and have fun!


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