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Durham Regional Police tells residents to follow the 9 p.m. Routine

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

DURHAM: “Remember, lock it or lose it,” said the Durham Regional Police.

According to the DRPS, there has been an increase of car theft in the Ajax and Pickering areas. To combat future theft, the DRPS has created the 9 P.M. routine.

On their public Facebook page, they’ve posted a video explaining the 9 P.M. routine and how it may help you keep your belongings safe in your vehicle overnight.

Along with many thefts reported from inside parked vehicles, the DRPS has received stolen vehicle reports as well. This is mentioned in the video.

“These are crimes of opportunity and are often preventable,” said Constable Phillips from the DRPS.

Something like an unlocked door may seem like an invitation to some people. So, the easiest way to protect your belongings, sitting inside your vehicle, is to follow the 9 P.M. routine.

Remove anything valuable from inside your vehicle and lock your vehicle. Don’t forget to lock all the doors and windows in your house, too.

This includes locking the garage door. And, if you have any outdoor lights, turn them on.

For more crime prevention tips follow the DRPS on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and check out their website.

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