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DRPS tally the final numbers from the 2023 Festive Ride program

DAN CEARNS The Standard

DURHAM: The Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) has released the results from their, six week, 2023 Festive Ride program.

While most of the numbers show an increase from last year’s records, it is notable, the Durham police stopped more vehicles in 2023 (12,682) than in 2022 (9,907).

There were 533 people given roadside breath tests, up from 2022’s numbers of 492. Forty people received three-day suspensions, which is slightly down from 41 in 2022. Nineteen novice drivers received a three, seven or 30 day license suspension, up from 10 the year before. Eighty-seven people were charged with impaired driving offences which is 10 more than in the previous year. Sixty-four people received other criminal code charges, 974 people were charged with highway traffic offences and three people were charged for drug offences.

“This year, 87 drivers were removed from our roads, for impaired driving, a choice they made. A choice which jeopardizes the safety of everyone. That being said, over 12,000 vehicles were checked, proving the majority of the drivers are following the rules and regulations. Our members are thankful for that and incredibly grateful for the calls and information provided by the public, with respect to impaired drivers. Please remember: 'If you see something, say something.' Report suspected impaired driving by calling 911,” A DRPS press release stated.

In terms of charges for impaired driving offences in The Standard’s Durham coverage area, there were three Uxbridge residents charged and one Scugog resident charged over the six week program.

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