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Brock Township creates a grant for Not-For-Profits

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

BROCK: The Township of Brock is looking to help local Not-For-Profit organizations financially. At a recent meeting, council agreed to allocate $30,000 for a Brock COVID-19 Community Grant for Not-For-Profits. “This fund will grant eligible not-for-profits, who have seen a 30 percent reduction in revenue (i.e. fundraising), up to $2,500,” read a township press release. The project is being funded through savings found in the 2020 municipal operating budget. “Council acknowledges the efforts of our local volunteer community and believes that many services, events or projects are best provided through the volunteer efforts of local community organizations,” Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden said, in a statement. “Since March of this year, many of our community organizations have been faced with hardships due to the recent pandemic. To assist our local community not-for-profit organizations during these challenging times, the township is offering a one-time grant. The Brock COVID-19 Community Grant for Not-For-Profits is intended to provide some financial relief and assistance to not-for-profit, volunteer community organizations who provide direct services, events or programs to the benefit of the residents of Brock.” Some eligibility requirements include being a “Not-for-profit or volunteer based organizations within the Township of Brock or the Region of Durham delivering programs, events or services to the residents of Brock,” and having seen a 30 percent decrease in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The municipality specifies these funds can go towards general operating and capital expenses, expenses related to COVID-19, events in Brock Township area and “for programs, activities and events addressing a community need or contributing to the positive image of the Township.” Brock officials state this grant will not go to individuals, “organizations with a political mandate” or “organizations that provide services or programs that are the responsibility of another level of government.” Any organization that already received funding from the Brock Emergency Response Benefit will not be eligible for this grant. The program’s intake will be held from August 12th until September 9th. For more information, visit

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