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Brock Township and Region of Durham continue working on supportive housing issue

Brock Township and Region of Durham continue working on supportive housing issue

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

BROCK: The Township of Brock and the Region of Durham have made some progress regarding Beaverton’s planned supportive housing development.

Following a meeting earlier this month between the two sides at the Ontario Land Tribunal, the Township released a statement about the proceedings.

“The Region of Durham has agreed with the Township’s position that the site plan process for 91 Nine Mile Road should not be finalized until such time as the Interim Control By-law process has been completed and the ultimate land uses for the lands are determined. Therefore the site plan appeal and the Township’s motion for an adjournment of the site plan appeal was settled, on the basis that the site plan will be modified after the land uses are finally settled, following completion of the planning study” the statement read. “If it is determined that the land uses do not permit the uses proposed by the Region, then the site plan will not be approved.”

In November, councillors voted to pass an interim control bylaw “to prohibit the establishment of Supportive Housing and Modular Construction, including Manufactured Dwelling Houses, for a period of twelve months, in order to allow for the appropriate completion of further research and consultation.” This blocked further progress by the Region on the 50 unit supportive housing development.

“Residents are reminded that the Beaverton Supportive Housing project is still in planning stages and not approved at this time. Ongoing discussions between solicitors representing both the Region of Durham and Brock Township will continue, and when appropriate, Brock Council will provide updates to the public without prejudicing either party,” the Township’s statement concluded.

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