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Brock Council hears dredging project update

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Iniatiative Reporter, for The Standard

BROCK: Brock Councillors got an update on a dredging project at the Beaverton Harbour, during a meeting on Monday, June 8th. Brock’s Facilities Coordinator Craig Belfry explained the Township has been working with the federal government to get this project moving forward. “We’re looking at getting the sounding done either this week or next week. Once we get the information about how much material we have to take out, we’ll be developing a tender, which will go out for bidding. Nothing can happen until after July 15th, due to the Fisheries Act. We’ve already put in process all our permits with Lake Simcoe Conservation [Authority] and the federal government. They require three quotes to come back from the tender process so they can evaluate it, and determine how much funding we’re going to get. Hopefully a 50-50 match,” Mr. Belfry said. Mr. Belfry added he is hopeful the project can get underway this summer, possibly in early August. “We’ll keep our fingers crossed that come July 15th, we’ll be pulling muck out of the area,” Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden said.

Brock Council hears dredging project update

by The Standard | June 11th, 2020 Podcast

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