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BLACKSTOCK by Eleanor Colwell

We welcome Lion Shaun Fryer to our membership this month. Lion Shaun was inducted into our Club at an outdoor, socially distanced, potluck supper meeting at the home of Lion Keith and Audrey Brown, by our Zone Chairperson Karen Thompson. We are pleased to have you join our Club and assist us in offering service to our community. Looking at service this new Lions’ year, we have created the five pillars of Lionism within our Club to consider what projects will work for us during this time of Covid-19. These committees are: Environment, Vision, Hunger, Diabetes, and Childhood Cancer. We would welcome suggestions from our community as we go forward with our service. We have a new phone number for you, should you want us to pick up your returnable bottles and cans for you. Call Lion Connie at 905-926-4913.

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