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Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham celebrating differently in 2021

PHOTO DISCLAIMER: This photo was taken from The Standard Files pre-COVID-19


NORTH DURHAM: Starting on February the 7th to March 21st, Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham will be continuing their Wing and Pizza Night, an annual event in the community of North Durham for over 25 years.

According to the Executive Director, Margaret Ayres, they usually hold the event at the Scugog Community Centre. During a normal year, participating local restaurants deliver the wings and pizza to the community centre while it’s still hot. But, like most things, they’ll have to approach their pizza and wings night a little differently for 2021. According to Ms. Ayres, this event usually has about 350 people from the community. Participants go around the centre and taste test the pizza and wings from the taking part restaurants. They usually host a dance and auction as well.

This year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham have partnered with Maple Leaf Foods, again. Maple Leaf Foods will supply Margaret and her team with over 1,200 pounds of wings for the 2021 Wing and Pizza Night.

A few of the businesses partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham include Jester’s Court-Port Perry, Wixan Bridge-Uxbridge and The Smokehouse in both Port Perry and Uxbridge. Other businesses who are involved include Domino’s Pizza-Uxbridge/Port Perry, Pizza Hut-Uxbridge/Port Perry, Free Toppings Pizza and Crusty Pizza-Port Perry.

Ms. Ayres and her team will give the participating restaurants the wings supplied by Maple Leaf Foods so they can cook them in their specials. People in the community are asked to visit these restaurants online and place an order to support the event.

A portion of the proceeds from both the pizza and wings will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham’s mentoring programs, which run in Scugog, Brock and Uxbridge township.

“If anyone is in need of support of a mentor for their child, we are happy to help,” said Ms. Ayres. ALL mentorship programs are currently available online.

They are also accepting volunteers, if anyone is interested in becoming a mentor. Parents who are interested are asked to contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham’s office by phone at 905-985-3733.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham’s team are asking customers to scan their order bill. Then, Margaret will put their name into a draw which will give them a chance to win a gift basket of local items.

Please email your bill to: to enter the draw. The winner of the draw will be announced on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham Facebook page on March 31st.

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