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Availability of storage in Scugog discussed as Blackstock rental request comes forward

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: A report on the use of a vacant building for storage space led to a discussion on the availability of storage space in Scugog Township.

At a meeting on Monday, October 30th, councillors saw a report from Shawna Cornish, the Manager of Parks, Recreation and Culture, about a request by Theatre on the Ridge to use the Cartwright Old Town Hall to store their items. The report recommended a fee of $100 per month be implemented in the contract.

“In September, Theatre on the Ridge approached the Township to discuss any possible storage space as they had been given notice that their current storage space would no longer be available to their organization,” the report stated. “Storage space is sparse within our Township facilities, with staff purchasing [an] additional storage unit for [the] Scugog Community Recreation Centre for all our Township recreation supplies.”

The Old Town Hall, located on Old Scugog Road in Blackstock, has been vacant since 2020, and there are no utilities currently connected to the facility.

“Staff recommend that the Township and Theatre on the Ridge enter into a facility rental contract for the monthly rental of the Cartwright Old Town Hall, similar to other rental contracts the Township has for storage space within our facilities, [such as the] Lumberjacks and Port Perry Skating Club at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre. These current rental contracts are in the amount of $200 per month for unheated space. Staff propose that the rental fee at Cartwright Old Town Hall for Theatre on the Ridge be reduced to $100 per month as there are no utilities that can be offered to them for their rental space,” the report read.

Ward 1 Councillor David LeRoy questioned if the Township should “proactively use that building [for] storage.”

“It just seems [like] a waste to have this building sitting empty when we could use it or others could use it,” he added.

Ms. Cornish said this opportunity could be “a step in that direction.”

However, Mayor Wilma Wotten pointed out the Township may have to consider restoring utilities to the facility if it becomes a regular rental site.

“It’s not being maintained. There’s no servicing. If we wanted to make it an active building, we’d have to look at what investments are required,” CAO Ken Nix stated. “I think the point is, we do have to look at potential options and bring those options forward to council in the future.”

Ward 2 Councillor Janna Guido asked if the theatre group will be using both floors of the facility for storage.

Ms. Cornish explained the top floor will be used for the sorting of items for a couple of days, and the items will be stored in the basement of the facility.

Ward 4 Councillor Harold Wright said “it’s good to see some use coming out of this building.”

Councillors later approved the $100 fee for the rental of the property by Theatre on the Ridge.

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