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Automated Speed Enforcement becomes operational on Durham roads

DURHAM: In support of Durham Vision Zero, Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras became operational, in some school zones and designated community safety zones in Durham Region, on September 8th. ASE cameras will take images of vehicles detected going over the speed limit. These images are then reviewed by a Provincial Offences Officer, and an offence notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. No demerit points are issued. ASE cameras were deployed in data collection mode at some school zones and designated Community Safety Zones in June. At two ASE sites near Ontario Tech University and Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute, one in four motorists were in violation of the speed limit and would be charged if current speeding patterns continue. This modern tool is used to help enforce speed limits in school zones and community safety zones, places where people walk, bike, run and play, and to help improve road user safety by increasing speed compliance, altering driver behaviour and increasing public awareness about the critical need to slow down on our roadways. For a list of locations in Durham Region, and to learn more about ASE, visit This initiative is in support of Durham Vision Zero, a long-term plan to ensure a safe transportation system which sees no lives lost or serious injuries on Durham’s roadways. Learn more at

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