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Actions speak louder than words

Updated: Mar 8

by Tina Y. Gerber - McCurley

As Christians we are called to be content: to discover gratefulness, patience, gratitude, and love. There is so little we need in life if we trust God's faithfulness. God speaks into every area of our lives, so we can see His truth and understand, in obedience to God, he will provide for us. True kindness is loving others as yourself and forgiving their trespasses against us, as God forgives us.

I was at the intersection on the Island Road, by my church (PPBC), this past January, and a young man was standing with a sign asking for money for his family. We have been struggling with finances, so we understand the struggle is real. Something compelled me to drop my last $5 dollars into his bucket. I felt so much better knowing I made a difference in his day. As he said "God Bless You," I drove away feeling so blessed and thankful. I told Martin and he said, “That's nice, God will bless your kindness.”

Another time, when I was on my own, years ago, and down to my last $5 dollars, my youngest wanted to go to Emil's for French fries and a cup of tea, while her older sister was out having her own adventure. I ordered a coffee, her tea and French fries. Oh, we had a great time, we could both get refills, and in the happiness of her excitement, she asked if she could get gravy for her fries. Giggling, we ordered gravy. A few minutes later, it struck me, the gravy would put me over my $5 dollar budget, what should I do? I didn't have the heart to disappoint her or allow her to think we didn't have enough. I said a silent prayer, and the food arrived. She was the one who said, grace, (she was 6 years old), and we began to eat the fries. They were so good. I left this in God's hands. He answered me: the lady at the next table was so moved by Emily's prayer, she leaned over the booth and put something in my hand. She said, "it's for the little girl. It's not much but hearing her say grace moved my soul. That rarely happens these days!" Some might call this a miracle, or fortunate, but I know it was God's provision for us because we trusted Him to meet our needs. When I went to pay, I left the entire balance as a tip for the waitress. It was God's way of providing blessing all round, when we ask and listen as well.

A former teacher, Ms. Susan Adderley, allowed us to stay at her cottage one summer, when my daughters were young. Other friends, Ken & Theresa lent us their trailer the following year and parked it at Emily Provincial Park.

Whether you are 5, 25, 45, 65, or 85, kindness never gets old. Kindness is the most valuable thing in our world, not to mention throughout history. The positive effect of kindness will help improve your mood, and you are more likely to "pay it forward." I have been blessed by the drive thru at Tim Horton's, and have also paid it forward when I can. A small act of kindness can go a long way. Kindness is an act of service to bless another heart. It can be as simple as holding the door open for someone, getting a friend a gift card, greeting visitors to your Church or sending a good morning text. A few weeks ago, I was attempting to cross the snowbank in-front of Foodland, on Queen Street, and I didn't have my cane. A gentleman came over and offered me his hand as he'd seen me struggling. That meant more to me than a million dollars!

I believe every small act can put the world on a better path. It's a great idea to spread kindness and joy, whenever you can, sometimes this one act of kindness will give you hope again.

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