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94 percent of Durham Regional Police members are vaccinated

DAN CEARNS, for The Standard

DURHAM: The Durham Regional Police are reporting, 94 percent of their members are vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a recent report to the Durham Regional Police Services Board, from Inspector Tony Romano, the board saw only 73 of their 1,239 members are subject to submit to rapid antigen testing and six non-immunized members have chosen to take their own time off.

“Wonderful to see 94 percent of our folk are immunized. That’s terrific that they have joined with every member of the board and thousands and thousands of members of the public, who have done their very best to stay well and reduce the impact on our healthcare system,” Police Services Board Vice Chair Garry Cubitt said, during a recent meeting of the board.

Durham Police launched a Rapid Antigen Testing and Screening program on Friday, January 7th, for members “deemed not immunized.”

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