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2023: Uxbridge Property Standards Committee


UXBRIDGE: Do you know what the Uxbridge Property Standards Committee does for your community?

The committee is responsible for ensuring all requirements listed in the Uxbridge Property Standard By-law are met, throughout the community. All applications, to join this committee, were accepted by the Township of Uxbridge on January 6th, 2023.

Each property owner across Uxbridge has a set of standards their property must meet, in order to ensure they aren’t going against the Property Standards By-law.

The by-law page states, all lawns must be free of garbage, debris, and vehicles (including trailers and boats). For a full list of yard requirements, please visit the Township of Uxbridge Property Standards by-law page.

According to the Property Standards By-law page, which you can find on the Township of Uxbridge website, properties include: yards, vacant lots and outdoor properties, residential properties, and non-residential properties.

There are general regulations listed on the by-law page, as well.

For more information about the Uxbridge Property Standards Committee, go to the Township’s website, at In addition, you can contact the director of legislative services at the Township of Uxbridge, Debbie Le Roux, during respective Township office business hours.

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