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2020 Vision

A new year has started, 2020 has arrived. Like any time early in a new year, this is the time people either start, or completely abandon their new year’s resolution. To start off, let me say that personally I don’t set out one resolution for myself for the year. Instead, coming into the year, I come up with a list of goals I want to accomplish before the year has finished. These can be anything from things I want to accomplish/do for my career, fun things I want to do or try, or personal life goals. Though, like some people with their resolutions, I haven’t always been able to get far on my list of goals by the time the calendar reads December 31st. However, I really want 2020 to be different, I want to look back and feel quite accomplished. So, I have a plan to keep me motivated, and be accomplished. For starters, In setting my 2020 goals, I reviewed my goals from this exercise from past years and made sure the goals I was setting this year were both attainable and were not vague in any way. This is not to say that some of them don’t come with challenges. In fact, what is the point of going after something in life if you don’t have to put in at least some work to get it? What I’m saying is, in working on these goals, I also reflected on where my best efforts could take me, what I could achieve. The second part involves using social media to my advantage. In order to remain motivated throughout the year, I have committed to use one of my personal accounts to post regular updates when I achieve a goal or when I’m getting closer or have taken a step to achieving a goal. So if I see there’s been long periods between these type of posts, I’ll know I need to get back working on my list. This column is also part of my plan. To hold myself accountable, I’m making a pledge to you, the readers, that I will complete at least a large majority of the things on my list by New Year’s Eve 2020. I’m hopeful and determined to accomplish a lot this year and have a great 2020. Also, I encourage others to commit to accomplishing a goal or a number of goals this year. Happy New Year!

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