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Zephyr & Sandford news

By Pat Asling

Since I am writing this on my iPad, on my lap, there may be less content and more errors than usual, but better than nothing, I guess. My PC is not tracking right, and neither am I, so we shall see! It seems we have had more than our share of deaths lately so I am starting off with sad notes.

Last week, I mentioned that Marilyn Dobie was recovering in hospital from her fall on Victoria Day. Sadly, late last week, she succumbed to her injuries and shock and passed away, never being well enough to come home again. Marilyn was a unique lady who grew on you. I remember well her 90th birthday party a couple of years ago, in their tent gazebo out on the lawn. She never lost her sense of humour. Our deepest sympathies to Eve-Lynn, Mark and Trevor for their loss.

Then, for Sunday, June 9th, a birthday party had been planned for another great lady, Ileen Warren. A couple of days before, she fell ill and was sent to hospital. She too succumbed and passed away just two days shy of her 100th birthday. So very sad, but as daughter Judy said, she counted herself so fortunate to have had her for almost 70 years. Judy is the Sandford contact as she married David Risebrough and their son Jamie works the family farm with his Uncle Mike. Our deepest condolences to Judy and her family, siblings and their families.

Our sympathies also to the family of Cam Stewart. I didn't know him personally but do know his wife Alice of the extensive O'Beirn family. Cameron was best known for his many years working with the Uxbridge Bruins, as attested by our own Trevor Cox, as well as a number of other community activities.

Before we leave the death subject entirely, on June 23rd, the Sandford Cemetery Decoration Service will be held. The Cemetery grounds will be open all day but the service will be in the church at 2 p.m. All are welcome. Pastor Gord Shreeve will conduct the service. On July 7th, the Zion Zephyr Cemetery service will be held at 2:30 p.m., on the grounds or in the church, as weather dictates.

On some happier notes, congratulations to Emily Shreeve for her basketball prowess and for winning two awards. Again, from Zephyr, Councillor Gord brought word the park would be getting a new swing set, and they would get to choose one of three types. Of course, this brought on a chorus of other things wanted there, not only new equipment but a new or improved playground. There is, of course, no baseball field at Sandford.

Happy birthday, wishes go out to Gloria Ewen, formerly Cox. Gloria and her husband, Sandy, live in town.

Greetings to Stacey Kearly, formerly Brown, who lived for many years on a farm close to ours. Now she makes her living selling real estate, not far from there!

Good wishes also to Beth Elford Mitchell, the daughter of Lois and Harry Elford, who grew up close by but lives much further away now.

Happy birthday, wishes went out to the Rev. Karen Hammond-Croxall, wife of Rob and spiritual guide for the Trinity United Church congregation. Another minister celebrating a birthday is Rob Kennedy. Last week, brother Don celebrated, and I mentioned Rob's son was now a podiatrist and working at "26Bones", where his mother, Jill, is the receptionist.

After 25 years the Uxbridge Music Scholarship Fund is disbanding. The remaining funds of $11,000 will be given to Uxbridge Secondary School under the leadership of director Amy Peck. Co-founder Leslie Barr-Joosten(Forbes) and Kathy Normandeau were on hand for the presentation. I know our church contributed funds to this cause several times over the years.

"Friday Night at the Foster" had some great, different and original music but only a handful of listeners. I suspect Springfest and the rain contributed to that.

On June 23rd, Conrad Boyce organized "Opera on the Solstice" featuring Christina Campsall, Leslie Higgens, Ben Done and Suzy Smith on piano. Two performances will be held at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $30 in aid of the Foster upkeep. This will be the last we see of Conrad and Lisa for a while, as at the end of the month, they move to Wasaga Beach. We will certainly miss them!

On Thursday evening, the Board for our churches met to plan upcoming activities as Rev. Li joins us on July 1st. This is an unknown situation for all of us. She is appointed until December 31st, after which time we have other decisions to make. Zephyr United Church will close on November 1st, but before that, there will be services there in September, the anniversary in October and the final service at the end of the month. Sandford United Church's anniversary is also in October. This past, Pastor Laura Kay conducted her final service for us, as far as we know, Pastor Gord Shreeve will lead services for the next two weeks. Please join with us!

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