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PAT ASLING Special to The Standard

The non-winter continues! By the time you read this all the snow that dumped on us Thursday will be long gone. Actually, the snow fall was good for our plants as it was insulation from the very cold nights we experienced. Those cold nights and snow may have allowed ski resorts and other activities to continue for a day or so but I think (hope) it’s over.

However, we have had some very wicked snow storms in April so don’t put away your shovel or winter coat just yet. Just enjoy the lovely weather to come! Like a lot of people I am anxious for planting to start but, from experience, I know I usually end up planting seeds many months too early. However, I do put away a good number of begonias and cannas/callas in the fall and last week I took them out of the dark. Of my 32 pots, 28 have goodsized growth already.

One calla even close to 3’ tall. I also have a lovely amaryllis which has bloomed for the second time and has two full blooms and a bud to come. It is a double one, white with red veining. A Belizean friend actually had a photo of hers, a red one, blooming in her yard. I recall Spring is the bloom time there, so I have an Easter amaryllis rather than a Christmas one!

On Tuesday the Seniors met for another delicious lunch. Entertainment had been advertised as the Fire Department but they were unable to attend. Regardless, it’s always great to chat with different people during this event. If you have chance to look at the calendar of events Carolyn Hicken sends out each month you will see there is no need to sit at home as every hour of the day seems to be filled with some activity, from drumming to chair yoga and a host of others.

The Uxbridge Genealogy Group met on Thursday evening, in person and Zoom with Jane E. MacNamara as the guest speaker. Jane has been with us several times before and always delivers a plethora of information. This time entitled "Untangling Township Papers." According to the count, there were more people onsite and Zoom than any other since the pandemic. I think the one before that was when Allan McGillivray spoke a few months ago.

Celebrations this week started off a couple of weeks ago actually as Elaine Brandon, wife of Bruce and wonderful musician, celebrated a once in four birthday as she was a Leap Year Baby. Hope it was a great one! Next is Rita Gates. Rita and family lived in Sandford for a number of years before moving north, but does not forget her Sandford friends. Next is Donna Webster, who, although not being from Sandford was born and raised in Uxbridge and is well known to a good many people. Happy birthday to Scott Miller, who is the son of Debby Jennings Wilson and Steve Wilson, who live just across the corner from me! Also celebrating was Linda Lapp Morgan, last of the three sisters whose birthdays fall close together. Pat Hamilton was another birthday girl, enjoying life as a retiree and trying to keep track of Charles. Such a fun guy! Best wishes also to my daughter in law Jenny Jones, always willing to help when needed! A very special birthday wish goes out to Zelda Stentiford of Zephyr who was 95 on Friday. Zelda still drives and gets around very well and is an inspiration to the rest of us!

Congratulations to Robyn Ottolini who is basking in popularity as she had two sold-out concerts, in Kingston and Kitchener, firsts for her in her very busy schedule. Last week, I mentioned about the Scouts taking over the cleaning of Elgin Park on their own initiative. Now, I learned about one of our own young ladies, Mack Moore, who as part of the NBHA Youth is collecting non-perishable goods for our food bank at all the barrel racing meets which she participates in. This is another great youth initiative and Mack is the very first one to do this. Congrats and thanks Mack and best wishes for a fun and exciting winning year!

For Zephyr and area kids, on Sunday afternoon, Mar 31st there will be a special event at the hall, 1 to 3 p.m. with egg hunts, face painting, lots of other games and plenty of Easter eggs. $5 per child. Cut off date is Tuesday but call to see if they still have room.

The big item for Zephyr village is the debate about what needs to be done about the library, which apparently, is in need of a lot of renovation. There is a meeting coming up for information and discussion. Please, keep this in mind! The library was built in 1972, I believe.

Other coming events include the Jazz in Leaskdale, Friday April 5th, 7:30 p.m. Tom Baker is the host and always provides us with a couple of other exceptional musicians with different instruments. Admission is a donation at the door to fund the rehabilitation of the grand piano, although the way Tom plays it, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with it. Also, you may recall there is a fund raiser underway to recreate the downstairs of the church, complete the parking lot to the north and work on the forest grove to the south. All donations greatly accepted! Don’t forget also that in May the Friday Night Concerts at the Foster will begin, with our friend Brian O’Sullivan organizing the groups for May and June, several of which he is a member. The Foster has undergone several problems this winter, one being the destruction of the gates and several other minor and major structural dilemmas that need attention. And now there are three major accidents, within two months, at the corner of the 6th and Sandford Rd! Why? Something needs to be done!

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday with our service being held in Sandford. Everyone was presented with a real palm to wave and Communion was served. Dr. Rev. Bill Fritz led the service in his own special way. The man is amazing! Wayne and Karen Rynard distributed the elements and Ruth Baker provided the wonderful music as always. Next week, Easter Sunday, Bill will once more be with us before we move to Zephyr in April.

Happy thought- it soon will be time for butterflies and hummingbirds!

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