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Well, its winter again, or at least autumn after our weeks of glorious warmth and sunshine! Sunday was an example of what we might be in for as many folks have suffered from power outages after the severe wind and rain. Folks lost trees as well, a sad thing to see always. The temperature this week is dipping lower, so out comes the heavier garments! Boy Scout slogan-Be Prepared! Tires changed yet? It has been a happy week and a sad week. Sandford lost one of its longtime residents in the person of Brenda Moore, whose husband Ken passed away a few years ago. Brenda had medical issues but was still living in the farm house while her sons, David and Danny, looked after the farm. They have one daughter Lee Ann O’Connor, who presently lived near Beaverton. Our deepest sympathies to all the extended family! We will all miss her. Also touching Sandford was the death of Ted Murphy. Ted was raised in Uxbridge by well-know parents Jack and Eva Murphy. He is survived by his wife Beatrice Lee, formerly of Greenbank. They had been married for 51 years. He is also survived by his brother-in-law Bill Barton who was married to Ted’s sister Lorraine. Bill of course was born and raised on the farm across the road from me, now owned by the Smith family. Annabelle Ball was a Lee and sister to George and Murray Lee so also a sister-in law. Our condolences to this extended family. Birthday wishes go out to two great ladies. Helen Westgarth lives near Udora but is well-known throughout our area being involved in many community activities over the years! If I recall correctly, she wrote the community news for many years as well. Helen is 90. Not long ago I was looking for some genealogical info and Helen supplied it for me. The other lady is Betty Aldred who is 83. Betty had also been involved in community activities for many years. I believe she was part of our Red Cross group many years ago, as was her mother. She now turns her attention to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 170 Auxiliary and was highly commended by the other members for her work over the years. She also helped Gary and Debbie Smith, her daughter, when they ran Twinkleberry Farm market. After what seems a very long time the building at the 86 Brock Street is finished. Owned by DG Smith Insurance, the building was completely renovated to look like its original condition. It is rather a unique building with the squared off front and it is so satisfying to see it restored and not replaced. I remember that many years ago it housed the telephone office where the switchboard was located and you paid your bills. I know it has been several things since then but in my memory none stand out so well. Perhaps someone could dig up an old photo as I know several local ladies worked there, some for a very long time. Wonderful news was given to our Lucy Maud Montgomery Society this week. They were declared 2nd in the best Museum category (Platinum) just behind the Royal Ontario Museum in the Toronto Star Reader’s Choice. Imagine that! Finally Leaskdale getting some publicity and those wonderful ladies (mostly, a few men) who work so hard to restore, maintain and attract visitors must get full credit. They do an amazing job! Another 2nd Readers Choice award was given to local Garden Centre called John’s Garden, south of town on the 7th. I know many gardeners from the area go there to look at the beautiful plants and spend their money on quality flowers, shrubs, trees and garden decorations, bird feeders etc. John and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful and hardworking. It’s great place to spend some time and some money. Congratulations to everyone!

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