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Where, oh where, did the sun go? It tried a couple of days but just couldn’t overcome the cloud. Much like the lockdown we are in so far hasn’t had much success in stopping the number of cases of COVID-19 rising at a horrible rate. I know the sun will shine again long before COVID is overcome so that in itself is heartening!

Three gentlemen had birthdays this week ( I am sure there are many more). They include Brad Clark, who is a super dad to his four girls and loves to build things for them to play with and learn with. Scott Campsall also works with kids, adults too, as he teaches Okami Kai Marshal Arts and Fitness, with the help of his wife Jennifer Neveu-Campsall, a fitness expert but also a fabulous musician and teacher.

Ted Meyers is well known, all over the area, for his many community activities, which includes his dedication to Trinity United Church and the many roles he has played therein.

One notable, although not from here, is the beautiful Betty White who turned 99 last Sunday. She was probably a fixture in many homes over the years for her many unforgettable TV roles. She has never lost those dimples either!

The area lost one of it’s most dynamic figures in the passing of Jack MacQuarrie last week. He was a veteran of the navy and his various activities can be found in an obituary published by Tish McDonald on Facebook. He certainly led an adventurous life in the early years and later became quite a musician.

He was an outstanding supporter for many groups here, including the Uxbridge Legion, the Uxbridge Scott Historic Society and Friends of the Foster. He was quite a philanthropist. He donated 22 pieces of original Group of Seven Art to the Varley Gallery in Markham. He will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathies to his wife Joan!

Our Sandford Store has changed hands a few times over the years and the purveyors of the little restaurant included, even oftener. Now it is called Pizza House but they sell many different kinds of food, other than pizza. You can look them up on the internet. From all comments I have seen the food is excellent so if you are looking for something different for a meal, get in touch with them.

I witnessed something on Friday, not unexpected, but still sad. A whole bunch of region employees were out at the road, where they cut down at least four trees. Cut, chipped, sectioned and made to disappear in a couple of hours, what must have taken maybe a century to grow. Several were cut down last year.

These are ash trees and have been killed or partially killed by the emerald ash borer. The ash borer is a beautiful creature but it is death to ash trees. These trees were standing when I moved here 56 years ago and probably long before that, when the road was a gravel side-road and not the busy highway it is now. The line of trees stretches past Sandford and most are marked for cutting. I only hope others will be replanted in their place.

Belated congratulations to the Banjo Cidery on being chosen as top business by the Cider Crate. Banjo Cidery is a fairly recent business and it is right here on Sandford Road, at the farm formerly owned by the Alex Noble family, 614 Sandford Road. They sell from the farm but have also been a part of the Uxbridge Farmers Market.

Sunday was the 2nd after Epiphany and the main scripture readings were the call of Jesus to Philip and Nathaniel, and God’s call to Samuel. It was interesting that the several services I listened to chose four of my favourite hymns. Maybe they are yours too: “I the Lord of Sea and Sky”, “I have Called You By Your Name”, “A Light Is Gleaming” and “I Am the Light of the World”. All talk about the many ways God calls us to his service. Something to think about just now!

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