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What lovely spring-like weather we have enjoyed the last few days! I still mistrust Old Man Winter but anything spring can give us is great.

As usual Carol O’Neil had a lovely thought with a quote to begin her service. She said “Lent Spring 2021 lets plant seeds of Happiness, Hope and Love. My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flowers or weeds.” Mel Weldon. Gardeners know there is usually a lot of work to make sure the harvest is the former and not the latter.

Members of the Official Board, Manse Committee and Trustees of the Manse met on Zoom, Tuesday evening, to discuss the future of the manse, built about 1964. Consensus was pretty unanimous but the official decision will be announced later.

A few weeks ago I sent our Lenten Calendars to all our people. I hope you are using them, as it is already Palm Sunday this weekend! Pauline Reed was the architect of this calendar and her son Paul is our charge supervisor and was present at our meeting Tuesday.

Donations towards our M&S contributions can be made after Easter. One of the projects that the M&S funds is clean water systems in our northern Indigenous communities! The Federal Government has brought the number of Indigenous communities that are on “boil water” requirements down from 125 to 39, but that is still far too many communities. If there is water to boil! It regularly has to be transported from miles away, often by boat. If something goes wrong, with systems that have been put in place, parts are unavailable or the residents have not been trained in maintaining it. Much remains to be done!

Congratulations to Jessica Phoenix whose name was added to the Definitely Durham District School Board Hall of Fame. Jessica has won a number of personal awards for riding, as well as contributing to team awards and continues to represent Canada in international equestrian events.

Wednesday was, St, Patrick’s Day. Usually we would have had a supper at the church but not this year. The kids in many schools had dress-up competitions. It was fun to see the various costumes worn by all the little Irish kiddies on Facebook. Irish blessings were given: ‘May you always walk in sunshine, May you never want for more. May Irish angels rest their wings, Right beside your door!’ And another one is: ‘May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam!’

It was sad to read of the death of Jeanne (Alsop) Shier this past week. Jeanne and her husband Ron (who predeased her) were very well-known in the area. They were involved in many community things here and in Vroomanton, where they had farmed for many years. Ron passed away a couple of years ago. Their children are Cathie (Brian Snodden) Pam (John Owen) George Daniel (deceased), Julie (Rick Linton and Raymond (Lori Ryall). Lori is a cousin of mine on my mother’s side. There are nine grandchildren. Also surviving are her brother Ken Alsop and sister Helen as well as sister-in-laws Carole Bickle, Gail (Alex Williamson) and Linda Wagg (Elwood Kirton) with many nieces and nephews.

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