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Tell me it isn’t true! That was the reaction of most people when they woke up mid-week to find snow on the ground and the temperature dipping dangerously close to freezing. Oh sure, we had seen photos of friends and family in Alberta dealing with a much greater depth of that stuff but never thought it could come here!

Fortunately, it melted quickly, and we did need the moisture badly. Still, it was scary for those who had been spending hours planting one thing or another. The cold hung around until Sunday, when it began to feel more like it should for the end of May!

“When the world wearies, and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden” by Minnie Aumonier. That seems to be what many people are doing at this time. I went to three of our local Garden Centres this past week, and although they still had a good variety of plants, there was a definite lack of certain special plants. Following the arrows somehow doesn’t satisfy like browsing and enjoying unhindered does, but it is necessary. Next year?

My friend Mike Kelland wanted me to assure his clients and customers that he is still working and NOT retired. He is one of those Williamson’s employees who intend to stay for a long time yet, as many do.

Congratulations to Isabel Neveu-Geene, daughter of Jennifer Neveu-Campsall, chosen to be valedictorian for her Fleming College Arts and Design course, from which she graduated this spring.

Congratulations to our young songstress Robyn Ottolini who has been chosen to go on tour, as the opener for a group called Breland. The tour is in September and October and will play in 24 USA cities. Way to go Robyn!

On the 20th, The Uxbridge Genealogy Group met virtually as our president, Grant Baines, did a great presentation on railways. He chose two cities and two railways and worked genealogy in by following a couple of gentlemen, who were engineers, as they pursued their careers on these railways.

The members of North Durham Nature met virtually last Tuesday. The webinar on bats was presented by Karen Vanderwolf, who has studied them for many years. Karen, obviously, was very daring as she entered almost inaccessible caves and other tight spaces to find them in their winter quarters and study the white-nose syndrome we all have heard about but know little.

Many were saddened to hear of the death of Eulah (Parrish) Shier this past week. Eulah was a well-known personage in the area, having lived all her 102 years here and with countless relatives in the area. She was an institution and will be greatly missed by her many friends and relatives. She was a lady who made friends during her years as a hairdresser, her business in Florida and her family’s activities in anything Uxbridge. We send our sincere sympathies to all her family.

Best wishes for better health go out to Ron Yamashita, the partner of our former minister Rev. Eiko Hosaka. He has recently undergone two major surgeries.

Birthday wishes go out to Joan Evans Wideman. Joan is one of the children of Lawrence and Olive Evans, who now is catching up to her parents in numbers of grandchildren and enjoying every minute. She is a wonderful musician and still enjoys her workday. Greetings also to Kyra Rose, daughter of Janet (Cox) and husband, Jamie Rose! Kyra is the daughter who likes to roam. At the same time, her sister Vanessa stays closer to home, having lived in grandmother Evelyn Cox’s house on the farm for a couple of years now.

Best wishes also to Carolyn Hicken. Carolyn is also well known for the many groups to which she contributes her time and effort, including the Uxbridge Music Foundation Fund and some senior groups.

Greetings also to Bob Blackstock, who is 69! Bob is well looked after by his three lovely daughters and their children and enjoys their successes as much as they do.

A parting thought from Anthony D’Angelo: “Wherever you go, whatever the weather, always bring your own sunshine!”

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