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The morning temperatures certainly have fallen; autumn is on its way. Still, I can’t believe that summer is over. Hot as it was for so many days, it did feel like an old-fashioned summer holiday. Once more, we are looking for rain where other parts of the world have been impacted by hurricane Ida. New York, the Eastern seaboard, and the United States await other forming storms. Here is a poem that Carol included in the prelude to her message this week.

Summer’s End No flowers to plant, No garden to tend, As summertime lazily, Comes to an end. It’s time to sit back and deliciously savour The beauty of the season and the fruits of our labour. Farewell to summer, for autumn make way, With this last celebration. We call Labour Day.

That’s not quite true, of course, because autumn is the best time to plant many of your spring bulbs, summer perennials, trees and shrubs. There is still summer work to be done for a couple of months more. But yes, we should sit back and savour our garden, the beauty of the flowers, the tastiness of our vegetables, the hay baled and wrapped, corn in the silo etc. Our summer labours have paid off!

Many birthdays this month, starting with Elaine Cox, who is enjoying a well-earned retirement and the kidding from her grandsons! Best wishes also to Betty Johnson, the former Noble who was born very close to here and is enjoying being with her many grandchildren. She tells of walking to school over the fields to Foster school. Know where that was?

Best wishes and welcome back to Lisa Boyce. It is so nice to know that Conrad and Lisa are back with us in Uxbridge and just in time for Conrad to be present for the production he wrote of “Maud of Leaskdale.” If you didn’t see it last weekend, they hope to have it once more as part of the Lucy Maud Montgomery Day, scheduled for October 30th!

A big birthday wish goes out to Ron Stewart, who was 80 and has joined the crowd. He and Doris walk several miles each day around town, keeping strong and fit. Best birthday wishes also to Laura Ross, nee Weir, a few years older than Ron but enjoying town life.

She and Morley farmed and raised their sons in Leaskdale for many years, where Morley also owned and operated the garage. Congratulations also to Barb Peck. With Tony retired, there is more time to spend at the cottage and enjoy their lovely home in town. LeeAnn Ball also celebrated. LeeAnn is still working as a nurse. I am sure we owe her and all the other nurses a debt of gratitude for the wonderful job they have done and what they have endured and are enduring during this pandemic. There is only one way to make life easier for her and all medical and that is for everyone to get vaccinated!

Birthday wishes also go out to Catherine Jane Smalley, one of Stan and Amy’s amazing children. She studied Psychology and Sociology and after that Human Resource Management. With a CV like that, she can’t help but succeed in whatever she chooses to do!

Happy third anniversary to Jeanette and Brandon Ehinger! Jeanette is the daughter of Ron and Mary Anne Herrema. Keith and Sharon Doucette are celebrating their 39th anniversary by taking a trip to Nova Scotia after long last. They thoroughly enjoyed renewing acquaintances with people and places.

Don’t forget scrap the metal collection being carried out by the Rotary on Saturday, September 11th, at the arena. It’s a while since there has been one, so there should be a goodly amount of items collected. Do your spring cleaning now!

The weekend of September 18th, 19th is a big one for the arts community and all who love all forms of arts and crafts. The Uxbridge Studio Tour is on with a great many places to visit, and the Art on the Fringe is also being held at the Museum grounds with over 20 vendors on site. Most will be outside this year, but all COVID protocols will be followed.

Although we haven’t heard a lot about it, the Uxbridge Fall Fair will be held this weekend, September 11th and 12th. Several classes like the crafts, baking, horticultural are virtual while the livestock, light horse show, Western speed Event, the Cruise-in will happen, but there will be nobody watching but the judges. Anyone wishing to enter any class should check the website as entries must be in before now, actually. Kudus to the Uxbridge Fair Board for making this happen!

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