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Back to winter! After discovering I have some spring flowers that could soon bloom now, they may be covered with snow again. However, since all the snow that fell in the last three months had melted away, there will not be a great accumulation. I never count winter out until at least the first week of April since we have had some of our worst winter storms over the years in these next two months.

As the war continues in Ukraine, the people’s spirit and courage are more evident, led by their president, no longer playing a part in a movie but in real life. I see constant requests to “Pray for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people” on Facebook and other media. As much as I believe there is power in prayer, I think of the passage in the Bible that said, ” Christ has no hands but our hands, no feet but ours.” We might add, no money but ours either, and these are what prayer needs to bring to the Ukrainian people. St. Teresa of Avila paraphrased, “No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes with which He looks compassion on this world!”

At Sandford United Church today, something new was instituted. The worship was led by Rev. Paul Reed, who is our ECORC guide, and for the first time in three years, we were able to have a communion service. Following this, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held. It was voted to begin a new style of governing, with a Unified Board with smaller numbers of individuals needed to actually sit on the board. There will still be some standing committees and others chosen as needed. The Chairperson and Secretary will bear the largest burdens, and these are Karen Rynard and Carol Johnson. Next week services will again be held at Zephyr. Where did the month go?

One thing I kept an eye on this past week was the trip of Prince William and Duchess Kate to Belize. It was fun to see them exploring the Maya sites I was so familiar with and being able to meet and take part in some of the cultural events.

Our sympathies go out to those families who lost members this last while. John Worsley was a well-known member of the Uxbridge Township and Town community. After leaving England in 1957, they lived not far up the 7th from me for years, although I only met them once or twice. He and his wife Carolyn lived an interesting and exciting life and raised five children, and enjoyed 11 grandchildren, although Carolyn passed away a few years ago.

Quite shocking was the passing of Patrick Maloney, son of Shawn and Sheila, at the age of 55. Two other brothers also died at a young age, including Leon, who was married to Barbara Lockie, daughter of Bill and Jackie. Patrick raised two daughters and has many other nephews and nieces. Patrick was raised in Zephyr, went to Scott Central and Uxbridge High School.

Several fortunate individuals had birthdays recently. Curtis Jack is an enterprising young man, son of Laura Cordingley (Jack)Hansen and grandson of Elaine and Don Cordingley. On the other hand, Pat Hamilton is a young lady enjoying her retirement from the dental office, which came a few years ago. Now she supervises Charlie!

Also, happy birthday to Janet Rose, the former Janet Cox, daughter of Evelyn. Janet and her husband Jamie have lived for many years in Seagrave. Their daughter Vanessa lives in her grandmother’s house built on the family farm, now run by uncle Murray.

Best wishes also to Jeanette Herrema Ehinger, daughter of Ron and Mary Anne. Jeannette is now the mother of a sweet little girl, the apple of grandma Helen’s eye! Andrea Smith, over on the 4th, just had her 40th birthday, so the sign says, so a very happy birthday to her. Along with husband Bryan, they have three children, who I can’t believe have grown up so much!

Congratulations go out to Robyn Ottolini, who continues to garner more credits in a short while. From the Country Music Association (CMA) Ontario, Slaight Music, she has been nominated for Songwriter of the Year, Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Single of the Year and Music video of the Year. There are probably more I have missed, but such a record! I know her parents, Steve and Lorraine, are extremely proud and support her all the way!

Last Friday, Isabelle Smith and I attended the re-opening of the Uxbridge Senior’s Centre, along with quite a large crowd. Many were busy filling out membership forms and signing up for activities, so it looks like a busy year.

The main changes to the facility were a room, once used mostly for quilting, and the bathrooms. The quilting room now has a coffee table and some chairs to function as a chat area, while watching the large TV, and kitchen cupboards and sink. I didn’t check out the bathrooms, but from all accounts, they are so automatic that all you have to do is be present in the room! Be careful there, haha!

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