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Here is a little poem about April, on the mark, called April Moods!

April changed her sweet mind

every other second,

With many moods and minds,

nothing can be reckoned.

I always carry an umbrella,

it serves for rain and sun,

I take my boots and out I go

to share in April fun.

So far this past weekend, we had sun and heat up to 20 degrees celsius here, and a gentle southern breeze, then cold and rain that stopped before it got north of town, a violent wind storm that must have done considerable damage in some places, temperatures dropping well below freezing and even a mini snowstorm Sunday afternoon. I would hate to be a weather forecaster, and I doubt even the Farmer’s Almanac is calling it rightly.

A walk in my boots finds crocuses and snowdrops blooming, tulips well above ground, as well as iris leaves, hellebores and several other early spring flowers poking out from the mulch of leaves. Each walkabout shows up several more jobs that need to be done before gardening proper can even begin.

Driving to church in Zephyr Sunday morning, there were redwing blackbirds on most lines, mallards and geese on open ponds, two geese in the middle of the road, a couple of turkey vultures by the side of the road, crows and a number of robins. My goldfinches are changing to their golden coats, and the male redwings are displaying to each other. And a big fat raccoon is digging up my lawn!

Birthday wishes go out to Anne Phillips. Anne was a former sorority sister of mine. She is always very busy with community activities, along with her husband, David. Another very busy lady is Gloria Eng, who also celebrated a birthday. Gloria spends her workday at the race track, but her free time is spent volunteering at the Legion, on the executive, and the Historical Society, where she was president for several years and is now secretary.

Dwight and Deborah Clements have just returned from a week’s holiday in Cuba, one of those trips postponed due to the pandemic. They thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and Deborah admitted she snorkelled and did a couple of other activities for the first time. Before leaving home, they had hosted their grandchildren for a few days, which they mightily enjoyed.

A couple of weeks ago, some of the ladies here talked about a former minister and his wife. We knew they had divorced, but many had kept in touch with the wife, Mary McHarg, who later became a minister herself. I got in touch with her daughter and learned she was still living in her previous place but was not too well, but we were all happy to hear that, although the whole family had suffered various illnesses in the last few years.

Service Sunday morning was at the Zephyr United Church with the dynamic Pastor Laura Kay as worship leader. Ruth Baker was at the piano with her granddaughter on the violin. It was great to be singing some special songs again. Laura will be ministering next week as well.

A couple was sitting up from me a bit, and I kept wondering who they were because they looked familiar. After the service, I finally saw it was Steve Harwood and his wife, Sandra. They live in the U.S. and don’t get up here often, but fortunately, they will be here for a month visiting and helping Bruce as he recuperates.

The snowbirds are returning! Mike and Kim Kelland just returned from a two-week ‘second honeymoon! Sorority sisters Laurie Bond and Marion Barnett arrived back a few days ago. Marion was gone for months, Laurie for a week or so to accompany her home. Others will shortly follow, including Yvonne and Garry Harrison, whose son Doug succeeded in his first triathlon. He swam 1500 m, biked 40 km and ran 10 km in 2:29:59, placing first in his age group and 12th overall. Congrats!

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