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May Day! Help! Not the May Day we wanted, to be sure, after such a beautiful day on Saturday. It gets you all excited about what you are going to get done and then the weather does not cooperate! But the flowers don’t seem to mind. Being close to the ground I guess they don’t feel the raw wind quite as keenly as we do. Everything is moving right along and coming into bloom, once you get the debris raked out.

Mallards and geese lit on the pond this week. There was no sign of any swans at Flumerfelt’s pond, as I drove by both ways today but I did see a pair of swallows over the Smith pond. I am hoping they will find my boxes and at least build one nest, as I have cleaned then all out and put up two new ones. It is a bit early for barn swallows but I haven’t seen reports of either on Facebook, although lots of orioles and a few hummingbirds and rose-breasted grosbeaks are still many miles away from us.

Happy birthday wishes to Jay Thibert, an excellent naturalist and photographers of North Durham. He and Bev have done some awesome trips over the years and more are planned. Many best wishes also go to our former and longest serving mayor, Geri-Lynn O’Connor. She may not actively be in politics but she is still involved in many community organizations.

Happy birthday also to Annette Westgarth, daughter of Harvey and Helen of Udora Annette is one who enjoys traveling and seems to be always on the go. She is one of those young people from years ago. Happy birthday also goes out to friend and sorority sister Marion Barnett. Marion recently returned from Florida and already is gallivanting around taking in Niagara Falls.

Happy birthday also to another sorority sister, Carolyn Dane-Knight. After living in Uxbridge for a very long time she and Bob moved to Sunderland. We miss them here. Happy birthday also to Laura Hansen. Laura is the daughter of Don and Elaine Cordingley and grew up mostly on Davis Drive.

COVID has been touching some local families. Some it just postponed things while they see what developed. This is what happened to Al and Jean Sopel. However, When Dwight Clements came down with it they had to cancel Easter plans with family and then Deborah succumbed. However, neither of them were very sick and this was offset by finally being able to go for their week in Cuba, a trip cancelled early due to COVID and then able to visit their daughter and granddaughter.

Our deepest sympathies go out to family and friends of June Holmes- Archibald, who passed away early last week. June and husband Bob were very active in all the activities for the community in Zephyr, the library, the village street sales and other things to raise funds for the community. She will surely be greatly missed for her enthusiasm and passion.

Best wishes for quick recovery to young ‘Beany’ Tindal who broke her collarbone during a school yard incident. She is the daughter of Karyn and Ryan.

Happy 34th anniversary to Fred and Susan Broad, who celebrated this past week. Fred grew up in Uxbridge and has many friends here. He is getting to look more like his father Jack every time I see a photo.

On Thursday Night North Durham Nature presented a Zoom meeting with the guest speaker who spoke about “Wild, Weird and Wacky Weather”. He is what is called a “storm chaser” and had some fantastic views from the middle of some spectacular storms. Beautiful photos but rather scary too, when you consider the power behind a lightning strike to a hurricane which can demolish a whole community.

The previous week the Uxbridge Genealogy Group Zoomed for a Brick Wall meeting. Several problems had been sent in and members suggested possible solutions to an answer, links to look at or places to visit with many references. Of course, when it comes to references, our own Uxbridge Library Genealogy Room has one of the best sources around.

This past weekend Rylepluss Productions came to life on stage again with the story of “Anne of Avonlea”. Several productions will be held at the Music Hall and later ones at the Lucy Maud Church in Leaskdale, with even a Mother’s Day Tea included. This is in conjunction with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society, of course. Keep an eye out for announcements about the Garden Tour, which will be happening in a month or so. Looking forward to that, another fund-raiser for this hard-working group.

Another event opening up is the Horseshoe Club at the Uxbridge-Scott Museum Grounds. This happens Tuesday, May 10th, and every Tuesday thereafter, at 6 p.m. Men and Women invited. Membership included membership in the Historical Society!

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