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Last week the paper ran out of space, so I will repeat a few of the things that didn’t make it in, with additions for those that have already happened.

Facebook lit up last Thursday and Friday when it became known that Dr. Tim Henshaw had passed away very suddenly after spending all day at an event in Lindsay. I had never met the man but had seen him on pages of my many farm friends and relatives as he made his rounds checking on their cattle herds. It seems he spread a lot of good cheer wherever he went, and there were many glowing tributes to him and sympathy for his wife and family. I think they may find it hard to find a replacement for him for this reason alone!

Church was held at Sandford United Church with a very good attendance for Easter Sunday. It was great to see and welcome home Margaret Harwood, second daughter of Bruce and Barb. It was such a pleasure despite the sad reason for the meeting. Her husband is Gordon Eng, one of the many siblings of John Eng. John died in a tragic accident a week or so ago, and they had come east, from Alberta, for the funeral. Our sincere condolences to the very large and extended Eng family; there were 18 kids. John was one of the oldest of the family and well-liked by all who knew him.

Rev. Bill Fritz led the service on Sunday. Bill is a marvel because, at an age when most of us can forget what we ate for breakfast, Bill can stand up without notes and give a complete and comprehensive message and not miss a beat. He will be with us again in two weeks and conduct our annual meeting right after church. Ruth Baker and special solos by granddaughter Emily on the violin provided beautiful music! Next week Carol O’Neil will be with us.

This Sunday, the first after Easter, is often called Low Sunday because, after the excitement of Easter, the attendance falls off, which is what happened to us. However, it was a wonderful service led by Carol, with Ruth on piano and both Alayna and Emily on their violins. Next week Rev. Bill Fritz will again be with us.

This Saturday and Sunday were the performances of “Foster at the Foster,” directed by Conrad Boyce. The concert was absolutely marvellous. Those five young ladies, including Jane Loewen, filled the whole space with their beautiful voices- and not a microphone around! There were 28 songs, many of them unfamiliar but quite beautiful, some with arrangements by Jane. Many thanks to Conrad and his singers for a wonderful interlude.

Friends of the Foster, the group that helps raise funds, desperately needs more volunteers to assist with welcoming attendees and other activities related to the ongoing concerts throughout the summer, which begin on May 5th. Call Bev Northeast for information.

The Easter event at Zephyr Hall was proclaimed a great success, with 65 kids registering with parents, hall board members and student volunteers in attendance. Thanks to all those who helped to make it a win.

It was a most beautiful week weather-wise, so I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy it. There were a number of birthdays and other events that happened.

Piper Jay Steward enjoyed another birthday and has been busy with his lawn care business and several activities with the Pipes and Drums. Birthday greeting also to Paul Ross, son of Laura and Morley, and Mary Dube! Mary moved from Zephyr several years ago now but is well remembered. Sandra Nielsen also enjoyed a birthday. The Nielsens lived in Sandford for a number of years before moving to Ottawa, then to BC and Alberta. Another birthday boy was Floyd Morton. Floyd was one of those who worked at the old Uxbridge Times Journal and usually helped out on Heritage Day with the printing equipment, now at the Uxbridge Scott Museum. He is married to the former Janet McTavish.

Best wishes also to Ian Finley. Ian had an unfortunate accident earlier in the year but has adjusted and has a very optimistic attitude to carry him through. Andrea Arkell also celebrated a birthday with her arm in a sling due to the car accident the family suffered a few weeks ago, but she is healing well. Good wishes also go to David Ball. David was another of those little kids I met when I moved to Sandford. Time goes by. Carol O’Neil also had a birthday last week. However, it was tempered by sadness as two family members passed away at the same time. Sincere birthday wishes to all these good folks!

Happy anniversary also goes out to Brad and Marcie Clark. Farm work consumes them, baby calves on all sides, but there was time to celebrate with their four lovely girls. Our prayers and best wishes go out to Carol Johnson, who has been ill for several weeks now.

The Horticultural Society met on Wednesday night with David Gribble, a guest speaker. The Gribble family formerly owned Goodwood Nurseries, but he is now with Groff Nursery, close to Sunderland. He brought along many beautiful plants to show what was available.

April 18th is the Senior’s lunch, always delicious, but on April 14th, the Community Care lunch was held at The Villa in Port Perry. The guest entertainer was Irwin Smith, who just gets better and better.

Two events on April 21st, the Tom Baker Jazz concert at Leaskdale Heritage Church and One Voice Choir, 7:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s Anglican in Uxbridge. On the 26th, the “Friends, Handicapable Group” talent show is at the Seniors' building at 7 p.m.

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