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In the Lucy Maud Montgomery book “Anne of Ingleside,” Anne said, “Nothing ever seems impossible in Spring.” However, spring seems to be waging an argument with herself and can’t make up her mind to put on her spring dress or leave on her sweater. Certainly, I can’t decide which, but mostly it’s still with the sweaters. Those days of dramatic blue sky and puffy white clouds give us a taste, but the wind keeps on blowing. Considering how many customers were without electricity from Saturday to Sunday, we were lucky to just have a quick on/off. A big tree fell straight across the 3rd, south of Zephyr, impeding traffic for a while, but I don’t think it disrupted the electricity supply.

Speaking of Lucy Maud Montgomery, as you learned, the church has a new old grand piano which needs some restorative work, although it still sounds wonderful. To this end, Tom Baker has organized a series of jazz concerts to raise funds. Three have happened, and three more are coming along, the very next one on March 31st, this Friday evening, at 7:30 p.m. The musicians are Tom himself on the piano, guitarist Mike Graham, and bassist John Fautley. Admittance is by donation to the cause. The next two will be on April 21st and June 16th. Mark your calendars!

Although the weather is not cooperating well, the birds are returning as usual. I have one poor male redwing blackbird who has been here since March 3rd, all by his lonesome, singing away, hoping some friends will arrive. A flock of grackles did arrive, but I haven’t seen them since that day, and my feeders are visited at least once a day by a few of the evening grosbeaks, nothing like what I had over Chrismas but they are straggling north; I expect. And those male goldfinches are quickly changing into their bright yellow suits and black beanies. Here’s a little poem you might enjoy, by Wm Earnest Henley, called The Blackbird:

The nightingale has a lyre of gold,

the lark’s is a clarion call,

And the blackbird plays

but a boxwood flute,

but I love him best of all.

For his song is all of the joy of life,

And we in the mad spring weather,

We two have listened till he sang,

our hearts and lips together.

Some people were celebrating another birthday this week, a good thing to happen. Birthday greeting to Linda Morgan, who is one of the kids I used to know a long time ago. Good thing they all grew up! Happy birthday to a young fellow who has really grown up, in height as well as intellect. He used to be Laura’s little boy, but now he’s taller than anyone in the family. Hope it was great, Curtis Jack.

Happy birthday also to Jenny Jones, my daughter-in-law. Strawberry cake and strawberries for dessert after she has walked her many miles each day. Birthday wishes go out to Janet Cox Rose. Janet grew up on the family farm, just over on the 6th and was another of these little kids I met when I moved over here. She married Jamie Rose, and they live in Seagrave now. When I was going south to volunteer, it was Janet who took my lovely long-haired white cat and extended her life to 18 years with copious care and attention. Happy birthday wishes also to our Adele Boy. Adele has recently sold her house and is moving into Uxbridge, out of Sandford but not out of our congregation, thank goodness. We love her.

I understand Ron and Mary Anne Herrema are looking forward to another wedding in the family, as their son Gerrit will be getting married in a few months. As a prelude to that, a Jack and Jill is planned for this Saturday. Gerrit has always been involved with the farm, even though his parents moved from there many years ago. Best wishes to Gerrit and his young lady.

A few more events are happening this way. The Leaskdale Loop will soon begin, and I will keep you posted on any special events. I know on June 3rd, the Foster will be part of the tour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In April, the Foster hosts the event titled “Foster at the Foster’, on Saturday, April 16th, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., and again on Sunday, April 16th, at 2 p.m. Admission is by donation in aid of the maintenance of this unique building. Conrad Boyce hosts and directs this event which features Jane Loewen, Leslie Higgins, Laura Hughson, Julien Kelland and Renae Wolfesberger. Don’t miss this beautiful music written and composed by Stephen Foster.

In May, the “Friday Nights at the Foster” series begin with the first on Friday, featuring the Ferrport Jazz Ensemble from Port Perry. Concerts continue until September with a great variety of music to enjoy at 7:30 p.m. Admission by donation. Some from this group are also part of the band [playing for “Joseph Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.”]

Church Sunday was at Zephyr United Church, with Pastor Laura Kay leading the service. Next week and all of April through the Easter season, we will be meeting at Sandford United Church. Carol O’Neil will be leading on April 2nd. Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 23rd.

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