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Sunday was the second Sunday of Advent, and the operative word was Peace. Last week it was Hope, and we all hope for Peace, but as we look around, it gets harder and harder to find Peace in this world. Even Peace in our homes is sometimes hard to come by, but it underpins the meaning of Christmas, and it is up to us to try and bring peace to ourselves and those around us.

This Sunday at Sandford United Church was the first Sunday of our “Giving Month.” The congregation was asked to bring Christmas-wrapped gifts, toys, food, clothing, gift cards or money to place in the crèche, and there was quite a pile. After Christmas Eve, all gifts will be sorted and delivered to Salvation Army or the Food Bank. Carol O’Neil delivered a very inspirational message, and Ruth Baker and Alyna provided beautiful music.

Next Sunday, Rev. Dr. Bill Fritz will be leading our worship and conducting Communion. The following Sunday, Carol will once again be with us, and Laura Kay will be on piano. The Christmas Eve Service will be at 7 p.m. Adele Boy will lead the worship while the beautiful music and voice of Melinda Delorme will lead the singing. All services are at Sandford United Church, and all are welcome to join us.

Congratulations to Zephyr Missionary Church on its 133-anniversary service, which was held last Sunday, November 27th. Pastor Gord Shreeves will have his hands full, keeping up with all he does, as well as being our Ward 2 counsellor now.

This Saturday morning, a Breakfast with Santa was held at Sandford Hall with about 100 kids participating. Tanis Pottage and Adele Boy were among those folks helping out with the crafts, cooking etc. Next Saturday, Santa will be a Zephyr Hall to meet the kids of that community. The cost is $5.

Deborah and Dwight Clements have been having a rough time lately. Dwight’s dad passed away about three weeks ago, and Deborah’s stepmother passed away a week ago. Our sympathies to both of them, as well as to their children and grandchildren!

Scott Central School has a couple of special events coming up on December 15th. There will be a bake sale during the day, so I expect most mothers will be called in to help out. In the evening, they will hold a concert at 6:30 p.m.

On Friday night, I attended the Monday Morning Singers concert at St. Paul’s Anglican. The place was packed! It’s a long time since I have been with that many people, but fortunately, most were wearing masks. It’s a funny feeling after all this time. The music was lively and very much appreciated. I especially enjoyed the guest harpist and her solo music. Despite the crowd, it was nice to “see/guess” many faces I had not seen for so very long.

This weekend there are two more great musical adventures. On Friday evening, at 7:30 p.m., the One Voice Choir will perform again at St. Paul’s, and on Sunday, Bella Nove will show their talent at 3 p.m. This time at St Andrew’s Presbyterian. On the 19th and 20th, Handel’s Messiah will return at 8 p.m., but at the Uxbridge Baptist Church for the first time.

Many Christmas craft shows are going on around the area, and all the decorating and special events are at stores in town. And, of course, the Fantasy of Lights is now open for a drive-through, with about a hundred displays now from all sorts of groups, businesses and families. It opens at 6 p.m. each evening. This Saturday is also the Leaskdale Loop. You can find a special Christmas market at Tindalls. Others on the loop will likely be open but call ahead to make sure.

On Saturday, our Epsom Girls travelled to Whitby to wish another of our number a happy birthday as she reached that big number 80 and joined the rest of us. Elaine Medd Rainey grew up on the farm in Epsom, on the 7th of Reach, now called Medd Road, after her family. She has an older brother Lawrence and a younger sister Betty Louise. Her older brother Harold passed away a couple of years ago, and her husband Milton also has passed. They have two sons. Despite the wind, it was a great day to get together.

Happy birthday to Isla Smith, daughter of Les and Erin. Isla also graduated from public school this year. Congratulation on her birthday goes to Carleigh Higgins, 21 already, daughter of Cindy Barnett and granddaughter of Marion Barnett. Besides being a fantastic cake baker, Carleigh is studying nursing; a career greatly needed right now. Happy birthday also to Caroline McGillivray. No doubt, Caroline will have celebrated with her kids and grandkids and spent the rest of the time geo-caching.

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