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Another week of the freeze-thaw cycle but with a bit of a different ending. We really got dumped on this time and it fell on bare ground, at least a foot of snow. Oh well, we can count ourselves blessed we don’t live in Newfoundland, where they got six foot of it in places, lower British Columbia where a foot of snow was a catastrophe or Saskaskewan where it is, or was, minus 50C. And not Australia where getting rain put out a number of the fires raging throughout the country but triggered flash floods and major flooding over much of the charred territory, endangering the already traumatised animals! Here we are already past the middle of January and although the world has been dealing with one crisis after another, things are rather quiet in our neck of the woods. On the evening of the 14th Sandford United Church Council met and talked about a variety of events happening, or in the planning stages. Other than me, all the other councillors will continue on the board for this year so there will be a lot of continuity. The six member Search Committee also met on Saturday to discuss what they hope will be the results of their documents sent to the HUB, the new centre for the United Church. There are some major decisions that will need to be made in the next few months. The community offers its sympathy, in the death of Waldemar (Walt) Arndt to his family, especially to daughters LeeAnne Ball, husband David and sons Dawson and Chandler and daughter Elizabeth Herrema, husband Howie and children Gerrit and Brigette. Happy birthday to Barry Bushell, a former resident of Uxbridge and business man, who still goes to work in Port Perry several days a week, and to Gord Shreeve, who apart from ministering to his Zephyr Missionary church and presently the Zephyr United Church, is also involved in a number of community organizations. Happy Birthday was sung at church. Best wishes also go out to the parents of Elwood Kirton who on the 20th will celebrate their 80th anniversary, quite an accomplishment in this day and age. To anyone else having birthdays and anniversaries our sincere best wishes for a happy, healthy and fulfilling year ahead. Good health is wished for all our friends who have recently undergone medical treatment but are now at home such as Stan Bothham, Dorothy Baker and Peter Doling. Also to those many folks who seem to be suffering from some type of bothersome cold that will not give up. A few good rays of sunshine would probably help! A hearty congratulation goes to Maplebrough Farm for winning a big honour! This is the Master Breeders Shield and the CEO of Holstein Canada personally called them to tell them the good news. Michael, Susan, Jamie and Rachel, your parents, and grandparents, Gord and Dorothy, certainly would be proud of you and of what you have continued to make of their/your farm. We are all proud of you as well! On Thursday evening the Uxbridge Genealogy Group met in the Lower Hall of the Library. About 22 people were in attendance to hear Walter Lewis talk about helping to find your ancestors who plied the Great Lakes. He showed slides of some of the most famous ships that sailed the inland sea either as a passenger ship or freighter. It was very interesting and gave some idea of the changes that have occurred over the years as ships got bigger and locks were built on the St. Lawrence. Pat Turner won the 50/50, quite a surprise as she won it last month and returned both to the kitty. In spite of the storm Saturday and into Sunday, church at Sandford was continued with Pastor Gord Shreeve leading and Ruth Baker at the piano. A goodly number braved the unsettled weather to hear the message “Living a Significant Life”. He stated it is not necessarily how long you live but how you act and what you do in that life that makes it significant. It reminded me of the saying that it is not the dates carved in your tombstone that are most important but what the dash between them signifies. Next Sunday we meet again at Zephyr with Gord in the pulpit. Can it be the final Sunday of the month already! February 2nd we meet once more at Sandford United Church, where Carol O’Neil will lead. On February 9th Rick McKinley will be with us and Carol again on the 16th. Don’t forget we are convening the “Souper” Lunch at St. Andrew’s on February 5th. If you would like to help please contact Deborah Clements!

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