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Here we are past the halfway mark of July, and already the nights come on earlier. The days are still long but never long enough; it seems to get everything done. Especially on the farm, as lots of photos show bales of hay being brought in later in the evening. The second crop appears to be good in most cases, but we really need some more substantial rains for a third crop and all our gardens. Whenever I ask my friends what they have been doing, the answer usually is -cutting grass and watering gardens. That is what I have been doing, although it has been two weeks since the last grass cutting, more like cutting weeds.

Last Friday, I attended a birthday party for a dear friend, Dorothy Munro of Epsom, who was 96! We are fortunate to have not only Dorothy but others who are living to a good age, including Marie Wilson at 92 and Doris Armstrong at 97. We might also include the Croxalls, Corrinne and Ted, 97 and 99, as they always seemed to be part of the community. I guess it’s that great country air!

Carol O’Neil was our worship leader this past Sunday, the last we will see of her for a while now, but she is booked up for weeks ahead by other churches, the next two over at Scugog Island. As always, Ruth Baker and granddaughter Alayna brought us some beautiful music. For the next two weeks, our minister will be Rev.Wayne Reed. This is the first time he has been with us.

Decoration service for the Foster Cemetery was held Sunday, and a beautiful day it was although the service was inside. The new superintendent is Don Kennedy, who has taken over from Fred Wilson. Fred has looked after it for many years and has finally retired as he and Helen have moved to West Shore Village in Port Perry.

Friday Night at the Foster was a wonderful night of great music from the old movies led by the irrepressible Jane Loewen, who had everybody singing and clapping along. A great night. Next week we will hear again the Django Djunkie’s with their combination of jazz and blues songs. They have been with us several times and are always enjoyable.

The Lucy Maud Society continues with their teas on Wednesday afternoons, from 1 to 3 p.m. This week the subject of the post-lunch talk is about Native Plants for your garden, a very timely subject which interests a lot of people.

Congratulations to Mike Mac Donald, who will shortly be taking over as Uxbridge Fire Chief. Thanks to our previous chief, especially for taking the town through the emergency situation brought on by the tornado. There is still lots of work to do about that situation. Mike has been with the department for many years and has moved into the position. His daughter is also following in his footsteps. Congratulations go to Mike and Tish as they lately celebrated their anniversary, and Tish is celebrating her birthday.

Happy birthday goes out to former Zephyr resident Don Hewlett who was 92 this past week. Don and Shirley greatly enjoy their home on the riverside as they see all kinds of birds and wildlife. Shirley McIntyre had her 95th birthday. Shirley lived on Vancouver Island and still gardens and even raises some small mammals. Happy birthday also to councillor Willie Popp who seems to be making a name for himself these days with his cycling endurance.

Other former Uxbridge people also celebrated, including Lynn Taylor, who turned 82 and has lived in BC for many years, and Louise Lougheed, formerly Weir, born and raised on Weir sideroad not far from here. Birthday wishes also go out to a former minister’s wife/ minister in the person of Mary Vippon/McHarg, who is also well into her 80s.

One sad note for me, if those of you who went to Uxbridge High School recall Ms. Kathleen Trenka, who taught there for many years, she informed me that her brother Charlie had passed away. Charlie and I were five-year classmates at Port Perry High. Charlie was one of those math whizzes who always knew what Ivan Parkinson was talking about. He has lived in the north for many years.

Al and Jean Sopel had a five-day trip north to visit Al’s sister, who is critically ill. They were able to spend quite a bit of time with her and visit other friends. They even saw the northern light!

A number of couples enjoyed anniversaries this past week, starting with Ron and Doris (Brandon) Steward. Doris has been a friend since about the early 60s. They have two sons and a daughter, and at least four grandchildren. Melissa (Risebrough) and Scott Briggs celebrated their 15th anniversary. Melissa is the daughter of Judy and David Risebrough. Married for 10 years, Melinda Delorme and Darrell Sultana celebrated this week too and continue to make beautiful music together with their dogs and cats.

LeeAnn Ball and a friend have been on a tour of Newfoundland and have really enjoyed the sights and sounds of our youngest province. LeeAnn is a nurse and has been hard at work all these months and certainly deserves a respite. Elaine Cordingley and her daughter Laura Hansen have also been touring. Starting in the Netherlands they went even further north as they have been to Norway and crossed the Arctic Circle. What a trip that has been. Cheryl and Erwin Hinzel also crossed the Atlantic, but they spent their time touring in Ireland and were able to continue their pub crawling wherever they were.

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