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William Denby looks to bring change to the City of Kawartha Lakes

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: William Denby is looking to bring changes to Kawartha Lakes council if he is elected the next mayor.

Some of Mr. Denby’s mayoral promises include repairing all roads in the municipality by the end of the four-year term, conducting performance reviews with City staff and departments annually, freezing all property taxes for the next four years, and having 80 percent of taxpayer dollars collected in each ward remain in that ward for road and building repairs. He has also committed to donating half of his salary, if elected, to charities and organizations.

Mr. Denby had originally filed to run as a ward councillor but decided to switch to the mayoral race when he saw a lack of “star candidates.”

“We had a couple of what I call star candidates that we were waiting to step into the mayor’s race. Both of them had declined. Then I thought it was time for me to shift [my focus to] the mayor’s position. I like a race. I felt that was my best position after Ward 3.”

As an experienced businessman, Mr. Denby explained one of his strengths is as a negotiator.

“I can find that common thread and get the job done,” he said. “Let’s have a good debate, and then let’s come together and find that common thread that can let us move forward.”

He added one of his goals with his campaign is to “bring the community spirit back to the wards.”

“There’s no community spirit hardly anymore. I want to bring that back to the wards. Give the people who want to take over the responsibility of operating the arenas and events that go on in the arenas [the ability to]. But I will tell you one thing, that Ops arena, under my watch, will never be torn down,” Mr. Denby stated.

He also took aim at the current council’s plans when it comes to facilities municipal-wide.

“The prior administration has only done one thing. Spend money [and] build these elaborate buildings that we can’t afford and that we now have to pay off.”

Mr. Denby has also committed to an “open door policy” at City Hall for journalists. He noted there is a clear choice in this election.

“They either have to choose the change which makes the city what it should be and can be, or the other [candidates] that want to keep it as it is.”

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